Topics in Medical Anthropology

GMS MA 677

Topic for 2016: Reproductive Anthropology can encompass all aspects of human reproduction and sexual/reproductive health, including: adolescent sexuality, fertility, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, birthing, adoption, breastfeeding, the health needs of LGBTQ communities, assisted reproductive technologies, masculinity & male infertility, reproductive health care in and across various care settings and in varying sociocultural and political-economic contexts locally, nationally, and internationally, the roles of race, class, gender, and nationality in all of the above, and many other topics. Any issue, practice, illness, trend, or debate that combines human behavior and reproductive health or ability is fertile ground for anthropological examination from evolutionary, biocultural, and critical-medical perspectives. This iteration of the course will feature a focus on reproductive syndemics, with a possible semester-long group research project on c-section syndemics or breastfeeding counter-syndemics. PLEASE NOTE: In this course, you may be asked to consider, evaluate, and respond to topics that could be personally uncomfortable or challenging for you. What matters is that you show active engagement with the material, not what your personal opinions or beliefs are. Everyone will be expected to maintain a respectful atmosphere, allowing room for a diverse range of viewpoints. 3 cr. (Students needing a 4th credit should speak with the instructor about adding a single-credit directed study). Ostrach

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