• Ramelle F. Adams
    Manager of Noncredit Instructional Programs
    BA, Columbia University; MS, MFA, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Ann Brown Allen
    Teacher of Dance
    BA, Simmons College
  • Shaun Bossio
    Assistant Business Manager
  • Brendan Buckley
    Administrative Coordinator, Noncredit Programs
    BA, Boston University
  • Cynthia A. Butler Loud
    Associate Director, Noncredit Instruction
    BS, Boston University
  • Kristina Covarrubias
    Manager, Marketing and Membership
    BA, University of California at Davis; MS, Boston University
  • Nancy Daugherty
    Financial Administrator
    BS, Frostburg State University
  • Rick DiScipio
    Assistant Manager of Fitness
    BS, Salem State College; MEd, Endicott College
  • Jamie Drahos
    Assistant Manager of Intramural & Club Sports
    BA, Franklin & Marshall College; EdM, Temple University
  • Thomas E. Duval
    Manager of Summer Term Recreation/Assistant Facilities Manager
    BS, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth; MA, Michigan State University
  • Aaron Gettinger
    Assistant EMS Manager
    BFA, Boston University
  • Barbara S. Green-Glaz
    Manager of Family Programming
    MusB, MusM, Boston University
  • Denise Greene
    Business Manager
    BS, Boston University
  • Starr Herman
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Hurley
    Administrative Assistant
  • Sean Kurnas
    Manager, Climbing
  • Michael Lagomarsine
    Manager of Fitness
    BS, Adelphi University; MS, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
  • Ray Levy
    Associate Director, Programs, EMS, Fitness & Physical Education
    BA, MPH, Boston University
  • Andrea Mohns-Brillaud
    Teacher of Figure Skating
    BA, Boston University
  • Tim Moore
    Executive Director of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance
    BA, Iowa State University; MS, Iowa State University
  • Scott Nalette
    Manager of Intramural and Club Sports
    BS, Plymouth State University; EdM, Boston University
  • Kathleen Nelson
    Assistant Manager of Recreational Facilities
    BA, Boston University
  • Jason Pride
    Associate Manager of Intramural and Club Sports
    BS, University of Massachusetts
  • Lynda Rieman
    Assistant Manager of Dance Theatre and Production
    BA, Bard College
  • Joe Rouse
    Assistant Manager of Recreational Facilities
    BS, Boston University
  • Stan Schreyer
    Sailing Coordinator
    BA, Boston University
  • Lindsey Simrell
    Assistant Manager of Marketing
    BS, Cornell University
  • Alexander C. Southall
    Associate Director, Facilities, Intramural & Club Sports
    BS, Boston University
  • Todd Stewart
    Assistant Manager of Membership
    BA, Harding University
  • Micki Taylor-Pinney
    Manager of Dance
    BS, University of Massachusetts; MFA, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
  • Lindsey Wallis
    Assistant Fitness Manager, Blackstone
    BS, University of Connecticut; MS, Northeastern University
  • David Witkus
    Assistant Manager of Aquatics