Mind and Body

  • PDP MB 101: Hatha Yoga, Beginning
    This slow, fluid, graceful exercise helps develop muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, balance, breath control, and deep relaxation.
  • PDP MB 103: Zen Meditation
    Includes sitting, breathing exercises and interactive exercise to gain insight into ourselves and be more relaxed and awake for our day-to-day life.
  • PDP MB 201: Hatha Yoga, Low Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP MB 101 or the equivalent. Deepen harmony of mind and body through gradual perfection of postures and increased attentiveness to breathing. Stress, stiffness, and weakness transform into deep relaxation.
  • PDP MB 203: Hatha Yoga, High Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP MB 201. For dedicated intermediates who wish to perfect the more difficult moves and increase their understanding of the mechanisms of the human body.