Mind and Body

  • PDP MB 101: Hatha Yoga, Beginning
    This slow, fluid, graceful exercise helps develop muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, balance, breath control, and deep relaxation.
  • PDP MB 102: Ashtanga Yoga
    The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga is a beginner level sequence of yoga postures linked with movement and breath, designed to bring strength, flexibility and stamina to the body and tranquility to the mind. The class features a warm-up sequence including sun salutations, the first half of Primary Series, relaxation techniques and meditation.
  • PDP MB 103: Zen Meditation
    Includes sitting, breathing exercises and interactive exercise to gain insight into ourselves and be more relaxed and awake for our day-to-day life.
  • PDP MB 104: Sivananda Yoga
    This Hatha Yoga class follows the teachings of Swami Sivananda which revolve around frequent relaxation and full yogic breathing. A typical class starts with relaxation and follows with various breathing exercises, warming up the body with rounds of sun salutations before beginning the standard program of 12 basic asanas which then may be expanded upon in different ways depending upon the class. This class accommodates all levels of practice.
  • PDP MB 105: Gentle Restorative Yoga
    This is a hatha/kripalu style class with the focus on breathing, long periods of holding postures, and variations of posture flows that are gentler on the neck, wrists, knees, and back. Each class will focus on posture options to protect students that have chronic pain or are working through an injury and using breathing techniques to ease into a meditative mindset. The end of class concludes with a 10 minute savasana.
  • PDP MB 201: Hatha Yoga, Low Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP MB 101 or the equivalent. Deepen harmony of mind and body through gradual perfection of postures and increased attentiveness to breathing. Stress, stiffness, and weakness transform into deep relaxation.
  • PDP MB 203: Hatha Yoga, High Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP MB 201. For dedicated intermediates who wish to perfect the more difficult moves and increase their understanding of the mechanisms of the human body.