General Sports

  • PDP GS 102: Epee Fencing, Beginning
    Introductory course to epee fencing--the dueling sword! Includes footwork, blade technique, and tactics. No prior fencing experience is required. Equipment is provided. 1 cr either sem
  • PDP GS 104: Saber, Beginning
    Beginning-level course on the fundamentals of modern competitive saber fencing with an emphasis on proper technique development and tactical applications. Of particular interest to theater majors as it most closely parallels armed stage combat. Equipment is provided. 1 cr either semester
  • PDP GS 106: Foil, Fencing
    Includes basic techniques and tactics of modern foil fencing, a historical outline of fencing, and practice of the sport for fun, exercise, and/or competition. Equipment is provided. 1 cr either semester
  • PDP GS 108: Gymnastics, Beginning
    Students concentrate on learning general body understanding and specific skills in tumbling and on apparatus. 1 cr either semester
  • PDP GS 114: Golf, Beginning
    Instruction regarding grip, posture, alignment and swinging applied to irons and woods. Classes are conducted indoors and equipment is provided.
  • PDP GS 120: Marathon Training
    This course will provide the knowledge and physical foundation needed for students to prepare for completion of a marathon, with the possibility of competing in the Boston Marathon. Content will cover topics such as nutrition guidelines for distance running, injury prevention, creating and evaluating a training plan, maintaining and monitoring a training log, and planning of group runs. Information on obtaining an official entry into the Boston Marathon through fundraising efforts will be provided. The course will meet once a week for one hour.
  • PDP GS 122: Boxing
    Learn boxing basics starting with stance and hand placement and proceeding to the jab, the straight right, hooks, and uppercuts. Learn how to slip, duck, and parry a jab; practice counter-punches and footwork. Get a great aerobic workout and walk away with improved self-confidence.
  • PDP GS 123: Boot Camp Plus
    A comprehensive course in real deal fitness. Work on cardio-respiratory muscular strength and endurance and flexibility. This is a tried and true workout consisitng of running drills, abdominal work, upper body strength, and enduracne exercises and walking with weight. Basic self defense skills from boxing, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu and American Combat Karate will also be covered. Get a solid base of physical and mental training to get in superior condition that will help in all sports and outdoor activities. This will be a high level class working with all ability levels.
  • PDP GS 124: Kickboxing
    This combination of American and traditional Thai kickboxing is a full-body, high-intensity workout that challenges muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. Traditional Muay Thai uses fists, elbows, knees, and feet as tools of self-defense. Focus pads and kicking shields are used to teach correct punching and kicking techniques.
  • PDP GS 128: Table Tennis
    Instruction in basic offensive and defensive strokes in both singles and doubles play.
  • PDP GS 138: Billiards, Beginning
    Learn basic skills and techniques (including the use of draw, follow, English, and bank shots) used in pocket billiards. The terminology, rules, and strategies of billiard games such as 8-ball, 9-ball, and cutthroat are also covered.
  • PDP GS 140: Rock Climbing
    Learn all the skills necessary to pass the top rope qualifier test. Instruction will include rope management and climbing knots,belay technique, climbing commands, basic movement and safety procedures.
  • PDP GS 150: Cricket, beginning
    Beginning level course including the history and rules of cricket. Basic skills will be explored with an emphasis on batting, bowling and fielding techniques. By the end of the course, students will be familiar ith the fundamentals of cricket and be able to participate in practice games. Equipment will be provided.
  • PDP GS 208: Gymnastics, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP GS 108 or consent of the instructor. Intermediate-level students work to improve existing skills and achieve specific goals on floor and other apparatus.
  • PDP GS 214: Golf,intermediate
    Swing basics will be reinforced and applied to specialty shots. Self-diagnosis and correction of swing flaws will be emphasized. Classes will be conducted indoors and equipment will be provided.
  • PDP GS 238: Billiards, Intermediate/Advanced
    An in depth look into the game of pool that includes reworking and strengthening fundamentals as well as understanding the principles and consequences of "english" and "throw", learning to "read" the table and thinking three or more position steps ahead. 1.0 cr either semester