• PDP FT 100: Basic Fitness Workout
    A great all-over workout for everyone; includes a warm-up, aerobic phase, strength training, stretching, cool down and floor exercises.
  • PDP FT 102: Condition and Tone
    Designed to enhance upper and lower body muscle tone. Includes a warm-up stretching phase,and floor work.
  • PDP FT 103: Fat Burn
    A high/low combo type class that will get your heart pumping and body moving to burn fat.
  • PDP FT 105: Total Body Conditioning
    Take your body to the next level by combining weight training, body weight exercises, aerobic step drills, and plyometrics training to create a high intensity, total body workout. Strength training exercises and high-intensity interval drills are performed in quick succession to maximize your calorie burn and enhance your fitness level by working your whole body.
  • PDP FT 107: Zumba
    Described as a fitness party, this fast paced aerobics class features Latin tunes and easy to follow moves will allow you to achieve long term results while having fun.
  • PDP FT 109: Cardio Cycle
    This class offers a great cardiovascular workout. With the encouragement of up-beat instructors and various cycling drills and combos you will ride your way to improved endurance.
  • PDP FT 110: Stability Ball Training
    Train the entire body using a resistance ball. Improve muscular strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility in a low inatensity class designed for all levels.
  • PDP FT 112: Basic Weight Training Principles
    A course in the principles and methods of strength training using machine and free-weight exercises. Improve muscle strength, tone, endurance and body composition with sensible safe weight training.
  • PDP FT 113: Weight Training for Women
    A course for women who want to improve muscular strength, endurance and body composition using free-weight and machine exercises. Students design a strength program according to personal goals and objectives.
  • PDP FT 114: Basic Fitness Principles
    A course in fitness training principles and methods that will enable you to design your own fitness routine.
  • PDP FT 202: Athletic Conditioning
    A challenging workout consisting of high and low intensity sport specific exercises. This class focuses on speed, power, agility and strength.
  • PDP FT 205: Bosu Blast
    This high-intensity class provides a challenging workout using the Bosu Ball. It offers total body conditioning to improve strength, endurance and balance.
  • PDP FT 207: Zumba, Advanced
    Described as a fitness party, this fast paced aerobics class featuring Latin tunes and easy to follow moves will allow you to achieve long term results while having fun. The advanced class incorporates basic moves from the Basic Zumba class and adds more difficult moves.
  • PDP FT 209: Advanced Cardio Cycle
    This high-intensity cycle class will push your limits with bike sprints, runs, and hill climbs. The advanced class builds upon moves learned from the cardio cycle class and adds more demanding intervals.
  • PDP FT 212: Advanced Weight Training
    The objective of this class is to educate and assist in creating an individual resistance training program. Class combines learn-by-doing workshops with classroom presentations on strength training principles. The advanced class incorporates basic exercise techniques learned from the basic weight training class.
  • PDP FT 301: Cardio Kickboxing
    A great cardiovascular workout. Kick off the fat and punch off the pounds. Martial arts and kickboxing are combined to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination and balance.
  • PDP FT 302: Cardio Boxing
    Learn the basics of boxing and achieve an overall optimum level of fitness. Set to music, this intensive workout includes abdominal strengthening exercises.
  • PDP FT 304: Group Exercise Instructor Training
    Prepares the student to take the group exercise instructor certification exam with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and to learn about individualized programs in health and fitness. Lectures include basic anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, and biomechanics. Practical training workshops are offered in exercise leadership, choreography, and safety.
  • PDP FT 306: Personal Trainer
    Certification training class designed to prepare individuals for Certified Personal Trainer Examination given by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT). Includes practical and theoretical seminars in basic anatomy and exercise physiology, fitness evaluation, training program design, nutrition, teaching methods, and safety issues. Extra class fee includes text and test prep materials.