• PDP DA 230: Ballet, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 229 or previous ballet experience. Classical ballet including work in allegro, adagio, pirouettes, turns, and jumps.
  • PDP DA 239: Aesthetics of Dance
    Designed to increase students' knowledge of the theory and practice of dance criticism. Organized as a seminar, we will read and discuss articles by theorists and critics in preparation for articulating reasoned assessments verbally and in writing. There are five assigned theatre and dance performances to attend. Lectures introduce each performance/exhibition experience and lead to thoughtful critical responses. Offered in fall semesters for dance minors only. 2 credits
  • PDP DA 240: Modern Dance, Low Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 140 or dance experience. Modern dance with an emphasis on technique development, study of movement qualities, and improvisation.
  • PDP DA 270: Tap Dance, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 170 or previous experience. For students who have successfully completed a beginning-level tap course. Includes various rhythms and tempos as well as combinations of tap with jazz movements. Tap shoes required.
  • PDP DA 280: Jazz, Low Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 180 or previous dance training. Technique course with an emphasis on style, placement, strength, and stretch.
  • PDP DA 329: Ballet, High Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 229 or previous ballet experience. A program of advanced classical ballet.
  • PDP DA 330: Pointe
    Prereq: PDP DA 229 or previous experience. Introduction or reintroduction to basics of pointe work. Ballet barre and center work.
  • PDP DA 340: Modern Dance, High Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 240 or previous experience. A technique course designed to enhance the experienced dancer's kinesthetic awareness and performance capabilities.
  • PDP DA 380: Jazz, High Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 280 or the equivalent. Practice in the fast, dynamic jazz dance style associated with Broadway, hip-hop, and dance video with an emphasis on style and sound anatomical technique. Students must be at the intermediate/advanced level and be ready for a workout.
  • PDP DA 400: Repertory and Performance
    Prereq: Previous dance training and the instructor's consent. Students are part of the choreographic process as faculty members create or rework pieces. Dances are performed in a Dance Theatre Group concert.