• PDP DA 100: Pilates-Based Conditioning
    Students explore fundamental matwork evolved from the teaching of Joseph H. Pilates, the seminal conditioning pioneer. Individuals are taught to balance flexibility with strength within the context of proper body alignment. The concepts of centering and stabilization with a strong and mobile abdominal "core" develop finely-tuned athletes and dancers and benefit all who seek an intelligent approach to movement.
  • PDP DA 111: Ballroom, Beginning
    Introduction to a selection of smooth dances (fox-trot, waltz, tango, and Viennese), and rhythm/Latin dances (cha-cha, rumba, mambo, bolero, samba, disco hustle, east coast swing, and west coast swing). Note: Time constraints reduce the selection to only three or four dances per semester.
  • PDP DA 112: Ballroom, Tango
    Focus is on the tango, a smooth dance with Latin roots, popularized in the 1920s and enjoying a resurgence. Beginning and intermediate dancers learn the traditional steps and some of the Argentine variations.
  • PDP DA 113: Ballroom, Swing
    Course material includes a variety of tempi and different rhythm variations, such as the triple, lindy, and jitterbug.
  • PDP DA 114: Salsa and Merengue Ballroom
    Students learn the spiciest of the Latin dances. Includes an introduction to other Latin dances.
  • PDP DA 115: International Ballroom, Standard
    This ballroom class focuses on the International Standard style dances including the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Viennese Waltz. Men are encouraged to register for the class.
  • PDP DA 116: International Ballroom, Latin
    This ballroom class focuses on the International Latin style dances including Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive. Men are encouraged to register for the class.
  • PDP DA 129: Ballet, Beginning
    Program of classical ballet for the beginner, including alignment of the body, positions of the feet, elementary port de bras and locomotive movements, basic ballet turns, and jumps.
  • PDP DA 130: Ballet, Advanced Beginning
    Program of classical ballet with some experience.
  • PDP DA 138: Improvisation
    An introductory class designed to heighten spontaneity and creativity. Class begins with an energetic movement warm-up,then explores a variety of improvisational games, structures, and compositional studies. Class includes partnering. Dancers and non-dancers welcome.
  • PDP DA 140: Modern Dance, Beginning
    Focus is on the fundamentals of the major modern dance techniques (Limon, Graham, Horton, Release)to improve agility, physical awareness, coordination and expressiveness in a fun and supportive environment. Class includes energizing warm-up and choreography.
  • PDP DA 150: Cardio-Jazz Funk
    A funky combination of low-impact aerobics, hip-hop, and jazz dance. Designed to improve muscle tone and cardiovascular strength while learning the fundamentals of jazz dance and the latest dance club moves. No prior dance experience is necessary.
  • PDP DA 160: Hip-Hop Dance
    Prereq: PDP DA 150 or previous dance/aerobic dance training. Learn hip-hop and street funk dance choreography and get a fitness workout in this fun and challenging class.
  • PDP DA 170: Tap Dance, Beginning
    Students will learn the basic steps while focusing on rhythm and coordination. A variety of tap styles will be introduced in increasingly dynamic and challenging combinations as students become more proficient. Tap shoes required.
  • PDP DA 179: Afro-Jazz
    An invigorating workout that incorporates West African and Caribbean dance with contemporary jazz technique. Each class begins with a core-strengthening warm-up and continues with fun and fluid combinations. All levels welcome.
  • PDP DA 180: Jazz, beginning
    Technique class in jazz dance emphasizing mastery of fundamental jazz principles, development of lyrical jazz styles, and learning combinations to traditional and contemporary jazz music.
  • PDP DA 214: Salsa and Merengue, Continuing
    Prereq: PDP DA 114. For students who wish to continue studying salsa and merengue.
  • PDP DA 229: Ballet, Low Intermediate
    Program of classical ballet for students who have completed beginning level ballet courses.
  • PDP DA 230: Ballet, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 229 or previous ballet experience. Classical ballet including work in allegro, adagio, pirouettes, turns, and jumps.
  • PDP DA 240: Modern Dance, Low Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 140 or dance experience. Modern dance with an emphasis on technique development, study of movement qualities, and improvisation.