Court Sports

  • PDP CS 101: Volleyball, Beginning
    Learn and practice techniques used in power volleyball: bump, set, spike, dig, and serve. Various drills encourage skill improvement. Ample time is provided for practice in class scrimmages. 1cr either sem
  • PDP CS 106: Tennis
    Introduction to the rules and fundamental practices of tennis including basic strokes, techniques, and playing in game situations. Tennis is played on the outdoor tennis courts at the Case Center when seasonally appropriate, then moves to indoor courts at the Track and Tennis Center.
  • PDP CS 109: Racquetball
    Course is designed for players to learn the basics of racquetball. Players are organized by level (from no experience to intermediate)and each week will be introduced to a new skill that will be stressed in interactive play. Racquets, goggles,and balls are provided. Appropriate footwear is required.
  • PDP CS 201: Power Volleyball
    Intermediate/advanced class intended for those who have had exposure to competitive volleyball. Basic skills are reviewed and practiced, and various offenses and defenses are incorporated into class scrimmages.