• PDP AQ 101: Beginning Swim
    For those who have had little or no swimming experience. Instruction in basic swimming skills for beginners to advanced beginners. Learn and improve the crawl stroke, elementary backstroke, backstroke, sidestroke, and breaststroke. Work at your own pace with individualized guidance from the instructor.
  • PDP AQ 201: Swimming, Stroke Improvement
    For swimmers who have a solid understanding of the crawl stroke and are familiar with backstroke and breaststroke. Students learn drills for skill improvement. Emphasis is on body form, stroke efficiency, and conditioning in all the strokes.
  • PDP AQ 220: Scuba
    Prereq: 200-yard swim test and 10 minute float. Course includes all pool and academic training to become scuba certified. Pool equipment is provided. Lab fee: $850 fee due before class, payable online. Fee includes books, open water dives for certification. Purchase or rental of personal gear, snorkel, mask, and fins is required for open water dives. 1 cr. either sem.
  • PDP AQ 301: Fitness Swim
    Prereq: Ability to swim 200 yards continuously and competence in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. For intermediate and advanced swimmers who want to improve their fitness and technique through workouts and drills. The class will focus on applying the basics of fitness swimming, including technique drills, flip turns, reading a pace clock and interval training that includes endurance, speed and strength sets. Coached workouts are provided for more advanced swimmers. 1 cr. either sem.