• PDP MB 110: Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga
    Often called "Flow" yoga, Vinyasa Yoga links breath and movement while "flowing" through a series of poses. These classes will move through poses more quickly than Hatha Yoga, but are less strenuous than Power Yoga. Classes will work to improve strength, flexibility and balance while promoting relaxation and stress release.
  • PDP MB 112: Mysore Style Yoga
    Mysore Style Yoga is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga, named after the city in India where the method was developed. At the beginning of the course, students will review the warm-up and finishing postures of the Primary Series, then each student is taught additional postures according to their level of ability, through one-on-one instruction. As students gain strength, flexibility, and focus, more poses are gradually added onto their sequence in a step-by-step process, allowing time to practice and memorize the sequence. Students are then able to practice independently, at their own pace, assisted individually by the teacher and surrounded by the inspiration and energy of the group.
  • PDP MB 113: Mindfulness
    The Mindfulness course will explore the practice and benefits of paying attention, on purpose and without judgment, to the present moment. Moment- by-moment awareness of our breath, thoughts, feelings, body sensations and surrounding environment will be included. A variety of mindfulness forms and meditation practices will be taught. Each class includes a variety of activities: formal and informal practices in class, information for home practice, experiential learnings, group discussion, dyad sharing and tips to integrate mindfulness in daily life.
  • PDP MB 201: Hatha Yoga, Low Intermediate
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP MB 101.
    Prereq: PDP MB 101 or the equivalent. Deepen harmony of mind and body through gradual perfection of postures and increased attentiveness to breathing. Stress, stiffness, and weakness transform into deep relaxation.
  • PDP MB 202: Ashtanga Yoga, Intermediate
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP MB 102.
    Prereq: PDP MB 102 or prior yoga experience and ability. Students will be guided through the energizing and flowing sequence of postures that comprise the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, including intermediate backbends, arm balances, and inversions. For those who wish to experience new potentials of strength and flexibility.
  • PDP MB 203: Hatha Yoga, High Intermediate
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP MB 201.
    Prereq: PDP MB 201. For dedicated intermediates who wish to perfect the more difficult moves and increase their understanding of the mechanisms of the human body.
  • PDP MB 204: Sivananda Yoga, Intermediate
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP MB 104.
    Prereq:(PDPMB104) *Prereq: MB 104 or equivalent yoga training. In addition to a typical class with breathing exercises, sun salutations, 12 basic asanas and deep relaxation, the focus is on mastery of the asanas from which variations are then added to further deepen the practice. These asanas allow for the systematic movement of every major part of the body in a balanced way that enhances prana or life force energy, keeping the mind quiet. Additional variations may also be taught.
  • PDP NT 102: Nutrition Essentials
    Just as every person is unique, every person's healthy diet must also be unique. In this course students will learn the fundamentals of nutrition and be guided through an assessment of their individual nutritional needs. Participants will develop skills and strategies to apply course concepts to their day-to-day lives and work toward their personal health and nutrition goals. Emphasis will be placed on separating nutrition fact from fiction and examining products and marketing with a critical eye. Skills and strategies for meal planning, dining out, food shopping, and recipe modification will be introduced through interactive sessions and cooking demonstrations. This class is for non-nutrition majors only.
  • PDP NT 104: Healthy Cooking on a Budget
    If healthy eating was simple, affordable, and delicious, everyone would do it! How do you plan balanced meals and snacks without breaking the bank? Step 1: Understand your unique nutrition needs and the health-promoting foods that will help you meet them. Step 2: Perfect the skills and strategies for stocking a healthy kitchen, modifying favorite recipes, and basic cooking by participating in a series of interactive sessions. The end result: You will be well on your way to a lifetime of true "value meals" This class is for non-nutrition majors only.
  • PDP OE 100: Snowboarding/Downhill Skiing
    Instruction provided for beginning through intermediate skill levels of skiing and snowboarding. Class fee covers transportation to and from Nashoba Valley Ski Area and lift tickets for each of the four weeks. Equipment rentals are available.
  • PDP OE 140: Rock Climbing
    Learn all the skills necessary to pass the top rope qualifier test. Instruction will include rope management and climbing knots,belay technique, climbing commands, basic movement and safety procedures.
  • PDP PE 191: R.A.D for Women
    The goal of the BUPD RAD program is to provide an easily accessible program of education and awareness for the women of Boston University. The program trains women in basic self-defense and offers them viable options when confronted with various threats of violence. There is a $10. book fee payable to the instructor at class. Instructors are members of the BU Police.
  • PDP SK 101: Basic Skating
    Basic forward and backward skating, balance and control, all stops, turning forward to backward, and crossovers. Must have your own skates.
  • PDP SK 103: Figure Skating
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP SK 101.
    Prereq: PDP SK 101. Develop turns and edge sequences and learn half rotation jumps, one and two foot spins, and pivots. Gain control, balance, and power.
  • PDP SK 201: Skating, Intermediate
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP SK 101 or PDP SK 103.
    Prereq: PDP SK 101, PDP SK 103, or good skating skills. Includes stroking, edges, footwork, and turns.
  • PDP SK 203: Figure Skating, Intermediate
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP SK 103.
    Prereq: PDP SK 103 or figure skating experience. Coaching and practice on single and double rotation jumps, spins (including combination and change of foot), and moves in the field.
  • PDP SK 204: Introduction to Hockey
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP SK 101.
    Prereq: PDP SK 101 or the equivalent. For beginning players. Improve stick handling and passing skills through drills and scrimmages. Must have own helmet with cage, gloves, and stick.
  • PDP SK 303: Figure Skating, Competitive
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP SK 203.
    Prereq: PDP SK 203 or advanced figure skating skills. This class is structured toward competitive skaters and those currently on the Boston University figure skating team. Skaters will work on both short and long programs for collegiate competition, footwork for synchronized team skating, and dance. Skaters will have an opportunity to run through their programs during this time and work on their jumps and spins.
  • PDP SK 304: Hockey, Scrimmage
    Prereq: hockey experience. Supervised scrimmage: no check, no slap shot.Must have own gloves, stick, caged helmet and shin pads.
  • PDP WF 101: Sailing, Beginning
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Boating Swim Test or Waiver. This is an introductory course for those with little or no sailing experience. The course will explore boat rigging, basic nautical terminology, safety procedures, and elementary sailing maneuvers. The course meets for two hours once a week at the BU Sailing Pavilion and will be a combination of land-based lectures and practice as well as on the water instruction.