• PDP DA 170: Tap Dance, Beginning
    Students will learn the basic steps while focusing on rhythm and coordination. A variety of tap styles will be introduced in increasingly dynamic and challenging combinations as students become more proficient. Tap shoes required.
  • PDP DA 180: Jazz, beginning
    Technique class in jazz dance emphasizing mastery of fundamental jazz principles, development of lyrical jazz styles, and learning combinations to traditional and contemporary jazz music.
  • PDP DA 200: Pilates, Intermediate
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: One semester of DA 100, Pilates-based Conditioning, or the equivalent
    Students explore intermediate matwork evolved from the teaching of Joseph H. Pilates, the seminal conditioning pioneer. Individuals are taught to balance flexibility with strength within the context of proper body alignment. The concepts of centering and stabilization with a strong and mobile abdominal "core" develop finely-tuned athletes and dancers and benefit all who seek an intelligent approach to movement.
  • PDP DA 229: Ballet, Low Intermediate
    Program of classical ballet for students who have completed beginning level ballet courses.
  • PDP DA 230: Ballet, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 229 or previous ballet experience. Classical ballet including work in allegro, adagio, pirouettes, turns, and jumps.
  • PDP DA 240: Modern/Contemporary Dance, Low Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 140 or previous experience. The course is an overview of four modern dance techniques: Limon, Horton, Graham and Release. The concepts, theories, and vocabulary of each technique are developed and explored. Students will build vocabulary, and improve strength, flexibility, musicality, and performance qualities.
  • PDP DA 270: Tap Dance, Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 170 or previous experience. For students who have successfully completed a beginning-level tap course. Includes various rhythms and tempos as well as combinations of tap with jazz movements. Tap shoes required.
  • PDP DA 280: Jazz, Low Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 180 or previous dance training. Technique course with an emphasis on style, placement, strength, and stretch.
  • PDP DA 329: Ballet, High Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 229 or previous ballet experience. A program of advanced classical ballet.
  • PDP DA 330: Pointe
    Prereq: PDP DA 229 or previous experience. Introduction or reintroduction to basics of pointe work. Ballet barre and center work.
  • PDP DA 380: Jazz, High Intermediate
    Prereq: PDP DA 280 or the equivalent. Practice in the fast, dynamic jazz dance style associated with Broadway, hip-hop, and dance video with an emphasis on style and sound anatomical technique. Students must be at the intermediate/advanced level and be ready for a workout.
  • PDP DA 400: Repertory and Performance
    Prereq: Previous dance training and the instructor's consent. Students are part of the choreographic process as faculty members create or rework pieces. Dances are performed in a Dance Theatre Group concert.
  • PDP ER 101: CPR and Basic First Aid
    Students will learn how to perform the lifesaving skills used in respiratory and cardiac emergencies as well as basic treatments for a variety of injuries and illnesses. Topics include bandaging, splinting, wound care, and CPR/AED use for adults, children and infants. Topics will be covered in lecture and reinforced through practice. Those who pass will be certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED for two years.
  • PDP ER 250: Healthcare Provider CPR
    In this course students learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for adults, children, and infants using a resuscitation mask, bag-valve mask, and automatic external defibrillator as well as more advanced techniques for special rescue situations. Those who pass a written and practical exam become certified in Healthcare Provider CPR through ECSI for two years. Class fee includes required textbook.
  • PDP ER 350: CPR and First Aid Instructor
    Prereq.: Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid Certification. This class certifies individuals to teach Adult, Child, and Infant CPR with AED, Healthcare Provider CPR as well as Basic First Aid for the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI). Class fee includes required textbooks and materials.
  • PDP ER 400: Emergency Medical Technician
    A course that prepares students to take the written and practical EMT exams issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the National Registry of EMTs. Students learn the essentials of pre-hospital emergency care. The course includes lecture, lab and ambulance and hospital observation time. There are no prerequisites but 100% attendance is mandatory. Those who pass written and practical exams will be eligible to test for their EMT certification. This class meets on select Saturdays and Sundays. Class fee includes required textbooks, materials, lab and certification fees and CPR training.
  • PDP ER 401: Online Emergency Medical Technician
    This course consists of lectures given online by an instructor teaching in real time. Labs are held on select days, in person at Boston University. Ambulance and hospital observations are arranged with local companies and hospitals. Students must have a computer with working webcam, speakers and microphone and reliable access to internet. This course prepares students to take the written and practical EMT exams issued by the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health and the National Registry of EMTs. Class fee includes required textbooks, materials, lab and certification fees and CPR training.
  • PDP ER 406: National Core Competency Program
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: PDP ER 400.
    This program meets the National Core Competency Requirements for recertification at the National Registry EMT, EMT-Basic, and MA EMT-Basic level. This course also meets the requirements for the National Registry EMT-Basic to EMT transition course. It is a 20-hour course. The course covers topics including, but not limited to: airway management, respiratory emergencies, cardiovascular emergencies, trauma assessment and skills, medical assessment and skills, and EMS operations.
  • PDP FT 112: Basic Weight Training Principles
    A course in the principles and methods of strength training using machine and free-weight exercises. Improve muscle strength, tone, endurance and body composition with sensible safe weight training.
  • PDP FT 114: Fitness Fundamentals
    A course in fitness training principles and methods that will enable you to design your own fitness routine. The five components of fitness, cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility will be reviewed in depth.