University Policy

College of Engineering Policy


Students meet with their faculty advisors each semester to review academic progress, plan the next semester, and complete a University Registration Form. Students obtain their advisor’s signature on the registration form, and obtain their Advising Authorization Code (AAC) through the Undergraduate Programs office. All students are expected to register on the Student Link. Students who register late will incur a late fee. Students who have an outstanding balance with the University or are not in compliance will not be allowed to register for any subsequent semesters until their balance is paid.


An officially registered student is one who has selected courses and paid or settled all charges.

Applicants may not register until they receive a formal statement of acceptance. Registration is conducted under the direction of the University Registrar.

The new graduate student should report to the department/division office for detailed instruction concerning procedures to be followed during published dates for registration.

Continuing students must register during the official preregistration period, as listed in the University calendar or on the Registrar’s website. Late fee charges will not be waived by the Graduate Programs office. Please refer to the College of Engineering Financial Aid website.


All degree-seeking students must have an academic advisor in the department/division of their major. The department graduate associate chair or the division associate head will assign an academic advisor prior to registration.

Program of Study for Degree-Seeking Students

A program of study for full- and part-time students must be approved by the student’s academic advisor before registration each semester. A copy of the approved plan is to be added to the student’s official file in the department/division office.

Full-Time Students

By Enrollment

A graduate student enrolled in three- to four-and-a-half courses (12 to 18 credits) will be considered full time and will be charged full tuition and fees.

Graduate students must register for at least one course each regular semester until completion of all course requirements unless they are granted a leave of absence. Failure to register for two consecutive regular semesters without having been granted an authorized leave of absence may result in termination of degree status.

International students must be registered as full-time students, with the exception of their final semester.

By Certification

All graduate students registered for fewer than three courses or 12 credits, but engaged otherwise in full-time study, research, or teaching pertinent to the completion of degree requirements or to gaining competence in the field of study, may be certified as full-time students. Such students must pay tuition on a per-credit basis and full-time fees. PhD students desiring full-time certification must submit to their department/division, during the official registration period, a completed Full-Time Certification form approved by their advisor and department graduate associate chair or division associate head. Master’s students must submit a completed and approved Full-Time Certification form to the Engineering Graduate Programs office. This certification form must be submitted for each applicable semester.

Part-Time Students

All part-time graduate students who are candidates for degrees must register each regular semester for no less than one semester course until all departmental course requirements are completed, unless they obtain a leave of absence. Continuing students (see below) may register for fewer than 4 credits.

Continuing Students

Master’s and PhD degree students who have completed all departmental/division course requirements must register each subsequent regular semester for at least 2 credits of research, thesis, or dissertation until all requirements for the degree have been completed. Payment each semester entitles the student to appropriate access to and use of the libraries, research laboratories, academic staff, and other academic resources of the University for the purpose of completing such requirements as examinations, research, thesis, and dissertation work. It also entitles PhD candidates to officially audit one course per semester, excluding Summer Term, at no charge. Students may not audit Engineering 900-level, language, physical education, studio, or laboratory courses.