Academic Advising and Counseling

College of Engineering Policy

Faculty Advising

The faculty advisor plays a central role in guiding the student’s academic program, assisting in course selection, and providing guidance and counseling in all academic matters. Upon entering the College of Engineering, each student is assigned a faculty advisor. In order to register each semester, students are required to meet with their faculty advisor, discuss their academic progress and course selection, and obtain the faculty advisor’s signature on the registration form.

Undergraduate Academic Counseling

Academic counselors are available at the Undergraduate Programs office. They provide resources and services to assist students throughout their undergraduate studies with all issues that may affect their academic performance. More information on the Academic Counseling staff can be found here.

Other Resources for Undergraduates

Additional academic support and counseling services are provided through the Educational Resource Center, University Service Center, and Student Health Services. The University chaplain, the staff of religious counselors, and the residence hall counselors are also available to students of the College for guidance and counseling.