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Master’s Degree Programs

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Actuarial Science MET (MS)
Administrative Sciences MET (MS)
Advanced Information Technology MET (Graduate Certificate)
Advertising COM (MS)
Advertising MET (MS)
African American Studies GRS (MA)
African Studies GRS (Graduate Certificate)
American Law LAW (LLM)
Anatomy & Neurobiology GMS (MS)
Anthropology GRS (MA)
Applied Biostatistics SPH (MS)
Applied Business Analytics MET (Graduate Certificate)
Applied Linguistics GRS (MA)
Applied Sustainability MET (Graduate Certificate)
Archaeology GRS (MA)
Art Education CFA (MA)
Arts Administration MET (Graduate Certificate)
Arts Administration MET (MS)
Asian Legal Studies LAW (JD, LLM)
Asian Studies GRS (Graduate Certificate)
Astronomy GRS (MA)
Banking & Financial Law LAW (LLM)
Banking & Financial Services Management MET (MS)
Bilingual Education/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages SED (EdM)
Bioimaging GMS (MS)
Bioinformatics GRS (MS)
Biology GRS (MA)
Biomedical Engineering ENG (MEng)
Biomedical Engineering ENG (MS)
Biomedical Forensic Sciences GMS (MS)
Biostatistics GRS, SPH (MA)
Business Administration Questrom (MBA)
Business Administration/Doctor of Medicine MED, Questrom (MBA, MD)
Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management MET (MS)
Chemistry GRS (MA)
Chronic and Non-Communicable Diseases: Context Certificate SPH (MPH)
Cinema and Media Production COM (MFA)
City Planning MET (MCP)
Classical Studies GRS (MA)
Clinical Investigation GMS (MS)
Clinical Investigation GMS (Certificate)
Clinical Investigation GMS (Certificate)
Clinical Social Work Practice SSW (MSW)
Coaching SED (EdM)
Community Assessment, Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
Composition CFA (MM)
Computer Engineering ENG (MEng)
Computer Engineering ENG (MS)
Computer Information Systems MET (MS)
Computer Networks MET (Graduate Certificate)
Computer Science GRS (MS)
Computer Science MET (MS)
Computer Science MET (Graduate Certificate)
Computer Science with a specialization in Cyber Security GRS (MS)
Computer Science with Specialization in Data-Centric Computing GRS (MS)
Conducting CFA (MM)
Costume Design CFA (MFA)
Costume Production CFA (MFA)
Counseling SED (EdM)
Creative Writing GRS (MFA)
Criminal Justice MET (MCJ)
Curriculum & Teaching SED (EdM)
Cybercrime Investigation and Cybersecurity MET (Graduate Certificate)
Data Analytics MET (Graduate Certificate)
Database Management & Business Intelligence MET (Graduate Certificate)
Dental Public Health GSDM (MS)
Dental Public Health GSDM (MSD)
Dermatology MED (MS)
Dermatology MED (DSC)
Design and Conduct of Public Health Research: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
Developmental Studies SED (EdM)
Digital Forensics MET (Graduate Certificate)
Digital Innovation/Business Administration Questrom (MBA, MS)
Directing CFA (MFA)
Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health MED, SPH (MD, MPH)
Early Childhood Education SED (EdM)
Earth Sciences GRS (MA)
Economic Policy GRS (MA)
Economics GRS (MA)
Economics/Business Administration GRS (MA, MBA)
Editorial Studies GRS (MA)
Education of the Deaf SED (EdM)
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies SED (EdM)
Electrical Engineering ENG (MEng)
Electronic Commerce, Systems & Technology MET (Graduate Certificate)
Elementary Education SED (EdM)
Emerging Media Studies COM (MA)
Endodontics GSDM (MSD)
Endodontics GSDM (DScD)
Energy & Environmental Analysis GRS (MA)
Energy & Sustainability ENG (Certificate)
Engineering Innovation ENG (Certificate)
English GRS (MA)
English Education SED (MAT)
English Education SED (EdM)
Environmental Health SPH (MS)
Environmental Health Data Analytics SPH (MS)
Environmental Health: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS GRS (MA)
Epidemiology SPH (MS)
Epidemiology and Biostatistics: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
European Law LAW (JD, LLM)
Executive Master of Public Health SPH (MPH)
Executive MBA Questrom (MBA)
Film & Television Studies COM (MFA)
Finance LAW (JD, LLM)
Financial Markets & Institutions MET (Graduate Certificate)
Food Studies MET (Graduate Certificate)
Forensic Anthropology GMS (MS)
French Language & Literature GRS (MA)
Fundraising Management MET (Graduate Certificate)
Gastronomy MET (MLA)
Genetic Counseling GMS (MS)
Geoarchaeology GRS (MA)
Geography GRS (MA)
Global Development Policy GRS (MA)
Global Health Program Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
Global Health: Context Certificate SPH (MPH)
Global Manufacturing ENG (MS)
Graphic Design CFA (MFA)
Health Care Emergency Management GMS (MS)
Health Communication MET (MS)
Health Communication and Promotion: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
Health Education SED (EdM)
Health Informatics MET (Graduate Certificate)
Health Policy and Law: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
Health Sector MBA Questrom (MBA)
Health Services & Systems Research SPH (MS)
Healthcare Management: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
Hispanic Language & Literatures GRS (MA)
Historical Performance CFA (MM)
History GRS (MA)
History & Law LAW (JD, MA)
History of Art & Architecture GRS (MA)
Hospitality SHA (MMH)
Human Development & Education SED (EdM)
Human Physiology SAR (MS)
Human Resources Management MET (MS)
Human Rights and Social Justice: Context Certificate SPH (MPH)
Infectious Disease: Context Certificate SPH (MPH)
Information Security MET (Graduate Certificate)
Information Technology MET (Graduate Certificate)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship MET (Graduate Certificate)
Insurance Management MET (MS)
Intellectual Property Law LAW (LLM)
International & European Business Law LAW (JD, LLM)
International Affairs GRS (MA)
International Business Law LAW (LLM)
International Business Management MET (Graduate Certificate)
International Marketing MET (Graduate Certificate)
International Marketing Management MET (MS)
International Relations GRS (MA)
International Relations & Business Administration GRS, Questrom (MA, MBA)
International Relations & Environmental Policy GRS (MA)
International Relations & International Communication GRS (MA)
International Relations & Religion GRS, SPH (MA)
IT Project Management MET (Graduate Certificate)
Journalism COM (MS)
Latin American Studies GRS (MA)
Law and Management LAW, Questrom (JD, MBA)
Leadership MET (MS)
Lighting Design CFA (MFA)
Macro Social Work Practice SSW (MSW)
Management Studies Questrom (MS)
Manufacturing Engineering ENG (MS)
Manufacturing Engineering ENG (MEng)
Manufacturing Engineering/Business Administration ENG, Questrom (MBA, MS)
Mass Communication COM (MS)
Master of Sacred Music STH (MSM)
Materials Science & Engineering ENG (MEng)
Maternal and Child Health: Context Certificate SPH (MPH)
Mathematical Finance Questrom (MSMF)
Mathematics (incl. Statistics) GRS (MA)
Mathematics Education SED (EdM, MAT, MMT)
Mechanical Engineering ENG (MS)
Mechanical Engineering ENG (MEng)
Media Ventures COM (MS)
Medical Anthropology & Cross-Cultural Practice GMS (MS)
Medical Information Security & Privacy MET (Graduate Certificate)
Medical Sciences GMS (MS)
Medical Sciences & Public Health GMS, SPH (MPH, MS)
Medical Sciences and Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine GMS (MA, MHCBM, MMS, MS)
Mental Health and Substance Use: Context Certificate SPH (MPH)
Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine GMS (MA)
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) ENG (Certificate)
Modern Foreign Language Education SED (MAT)
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry GRS (MA)
Museum Education CFA (MA)
Museum Studies GRS (Graduate Certificate)
Music GRS (MA)
Music Education CFA (MM)
Music Education CFA (Certificate)
Music Ministry STH (Certificate)
Music Performance CFA (MM)
Music Theory CFA (MM)
Musicology CFA (MM)
Nutrition & Metabolism GMS (MS)
Nutrition/Dietetics SAR (MS)
Occupational Therapy SAR (MS)
Operative Dentistry GSDM (MSD)
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery GSDM (MSD)
Oral Biology GSDM (MSD)
Oral Health Sciences GMS (MS)
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics GSDM (MSD)
Painting CFA (MFA)
Pathology GMS (MA)
Pediatric Dentistry GSDM (MSD)
Performance CFA (MM)
Periodontology GSDM (MSD)
Pharmaceutical Development, Delivery, and Access: Context Certificate SPH (MPH)
Philosophy GRS (MA)
Photonics ENG (MS)
Photonics ENG (MEng)
Physical Education SED (EdM)
Physical Therapy SAR (DPT)
Physician Assistant Program GMS (MS)
Physics GRS (MA)
Physiology & Biophysics MED (MA)
Playwriting CFA (MFA)
Political Science GRS (MA)
Preservation Studies GRS (MA)
Product Design ENG (Certificate)
Production Management CFA (MFA)
Professional Evening MBA (PEMBA) Questrom (MBA)
Program Management: Functional Certificate SPH (MPH)
Project Management MET (Graduate Certificate)
Project Management MET (MS)
Prosthodontics GSDM (Certificate, MSD)
Psychology GRS (MA)
Public Health SPH (MPH)
Public Health & Management Questrom, SPH (MBA, MPH)
Public Health Nutrition SPH (MS)
Public Relations COM (MS)
Reading Education SED (EdM)
Religion and Conflict Transformation STH (Certificate)
Religious Studies GRS (MA)
Risk Management & Organizational Continuity MET (Graduate Certificate)
Scene Design CFA (MFA)
Science Education SED (EdM)
Science Education SED (MAT)
Science Journalism COM (MS)
Screenwriting COM (MFA)
Sculpture CFA (MFA)
Sex, Sexuality, and Gender: Context Certificate SPH (MPH)
Social Impact MBA Questrom (MBA)
Social Studies Education SED (MAT)
Social Work SSW (MSW)
Social Work & Education SED, SSW (EdM, MSW)
Social Work & Theology SSW, STH (DMin, MDiv, MSW, MTS)
Social Work/Public Health SPH, SSW (MPH, MSW)
Sociology GRS (MA)
Software Development MET (MS)
Software Engineering in Health Care Systems MET (Graduate Certificate)
Sound Design CFA (MFA)
Special Education SED (EdM)
Speech-Language Pathology SAR (MS)
Spiritual Formation STH (Certificate)
Statistical Practice GRS (MS)
Strategic Management in Criminal Justice MET (Graduate Certificate)
Studio Teaching CFA (MA)
Supply Chain Management MET (Graduate Certificate)
Sustainable Economic Development via Tourism MET (Graduate Certificate)
Systems Engineering ENG (MEng)
Taxation LAW (LLM)
Teaching SED (MAT)
Technical Production CFA (MFA)
Telecommunication MET (MS)
Television COM (MS)
Terrestrial Biogeoscience (Graduate Certificate)
Theatre Education CFA (MFA)
Theological Studies STH (MTS)
Theology STH (MDiv)
Theology – Doctor of Ministry STH (DMin)
Theology – Evangelism STH (Certificate)
Theology – Master of Divinity and Master of Sacred Music Dual Degree STH (MDiv, MSM)
Theology – Master of Sacred Theology STH (STM)
Urban Affairs MET (MUA)
Visual & Digital Health Communication MET (Graduate Certificate)
Web Application Development MET (Graduate Certificate)
Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies GRS (Graduate Certificate)