MS in Television

Changes to this program will take effect in the 2015–2016 academic year.

The MS in Television curriculum is designed to give students the tools they need to seek professional careers in production, management, programming, marketing, teaching, and criticism.

The curriculum is designed to give students the tools they need to seek professional careers in producing, management, writing for television series, programming, marketing, and teaching. The program stresses that the producer is the intellectual driving force behind all television production, and that he or she must have a mastery of basic technical skills and a developed aesthetic sensibility. But the producer, in turn, has to adapt to structural changes in the industry. Management skills, essential in the successful completion of each production, are also essential to the economic welfare of the industry. New distribution technologies, including broadband and mobile devices, play an increasing role as well. Accordingly, graduates who are drawn to the many different careers available in the telecommunications business may choose courses that concentrate in this area.

The curriculum includes courses in producing, management, writing for television series and pilots and production, as well as electives in a wide range of television-related fields. In addition to electives, students have some choices in the courses they are required to take during their three semesters. These choices should reflect the direction they plan to follow when they leave the College and should support their ideas for their thesis projects. All students must give thought to these choices before registering for their first semester. They are strongly advised to discuss their curriculum design with the faculty when they arrive on campus.

The Curriculum

First Semester

  • COM FT 701 Media in Evolution
  • COM FT 707 Video Production I
  • COM FT 727 Creative Producing I
  • Choice of FT 560 Documentary or
    FT 522 Writing Situation Comedy or
    FT 512 Writing Episodic Drama

Second Semester

  • COM FT 514 Advanced TV Writing or
    COM FT 716 Video Production II
  • COM FT 525 Producing II
  • Television elective
  • Television elective

Third Semester

  • COM FT 825 Thesis Project/Creative Project
  • COM FT 953/954 Internship
  • Television elective
  • Television elective

Principal Courses Offered in the Television Program

  • COM FT 502 Sound Design for Film and Television
  • COM FT 504 Post Production Fx Editing
  • COM FT 505 Television Production Hothouse
  • COM FT 507 Television Studio Production
  • COM FT 514 Advanced Writing for Television
  • COM FT 515 International Television
  • COM FT 516 Television Programming
  • COM FT 517 Television Management
  • COM FT 522 Writing Situation Comedies
  • COM FT 523 Understanding Marketing and Sales
  • COM FT 524 Golden Age of Television
  • COM FT 525 Producing II
  • COM FT 527 Lighting
  • COM FT 543 Television Comedy
  • COM FT 545 Television and Childhood
  • COM FT 560 The Documentary
  • COM FT 706 Acting for Directors and Writers
  • COM FT 712 Television Seminar
  • COM FT 716 Video Production II
  • COM JO 534 Broadcast News for Non-Majors