MBA/MS in Media Ventures

Application for Admission

Application for admission to the dual degree program must be made to both COM and the Questrom School of Business. The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is the required entrance exam for applicants seeking admission to the dual degree program.

Some COM requirements may be waived for students who have completed equivalent graduate-level courses. Up to 8 graduate semester credits may be accepted from other colleges and up to 4 graduate semester credits may be allowed for certain previous professional experience or internship work done while the student was in either of the two programs.

Requirements for the Dual Degree

Students pursuing the Questrom School of Business’s MBA Program and the MS in Media Ventures Program at COM must give special attention to the course requirements of both programs. Students should meet with the COM Media Ventures advisor and the academic advisor in the MBA Program in the first semester, and as needed during the program.

This is a two-year, five-semester option where students pursue an MBA with Boston University Questrom School of Business before joining the single MS degree program in Media Ventures at the College of Communication. Students must complete at least 40 credits at the Questrom School of Business and 40 credits at the College of Communication (COM). Students who pass the Questrom School of Business waiver exam or transfer credit for a course must take a Questrom School of Business course to replace it.

Students must meet all of the requirements for the degree in each school and must take at least 80 credits at Boston University.

MS in Media Ventures Requirements

Students must take a minimum of 48 credits for the COM degree:

Fall Semester—Boston (20 credits)

  • COM FT 701 Media in Evolution, Media Business Entrepreneurship
  • COM FT 728 Creating New Ideas With Existing Content

Spring Semester—Los Angeles (16 credits)

  • COM CM 561 HL Survey of Entertainment Promotion
  • COM CM 561 HW Careers in Hollywood for Advertising and Public Relations (Speaker Series)
  • SMG SI 435 Entertainment Management
  • On-the-job experience at an emerging media division of a traditional media company (COM FT 953 Internship)

Summer Session—Los Angeles (12 credits)

  • GSM SP 840 Graduate Summer Management Practicum
  • COM FT 856 Graduate Media Seminar
  • On-the-job experience at a media start-up company (COM FT 954 Internship)

In addition, students must develop a new business idea, complete with business and marketing plans. Students will present their capstone project to media professionals (COM FT 825 Thesis Project).

MBA Requirements

Students must take 40 credits of MBA courses at the Questrom School of Business. They must satisfy all of the required core courses. Courses which are waived or transferred do not count toward the 40-credit residency required for the MBA.

MBA Considerations

Team-Building in the MBA Program

Special attention is given to team-building in the first semester of full-time study in the MBA program. In the first year, students are assigned to a cohort: a group of 50–55 students who take core courses together. Through this model, students often establish strong professional and personal bonds with their cohorted colleagues.

Course Sequencing

Full-time MBA: In the Fall Semester, OB 713, AC 710, QM 716, MK 723, and FE 721 are offered during the day for first-year full-time students. Four more core courses, IS 710, FE 727, OM 725, and SI 750 are offered during the day in the Spring Semester for first-year full-time students.

MBA Electives

In the Fall and Spring Semesters, there are many MBA electives offered, some of which are day sections. However, most electives are offered during the evening. A smaller number of electives are offered (evenings) in the Summer Session.

Full-time MBA Program of Study (40 credits)

  • OB 713 Managing Organizations and People (3 cr)
  • AC 710 Financial Reporting and Control (3 cr)
  • FE 721 Financial Management (3 cr)
  • MK 723 Marketing Management (3 cr)
  • QM 716 Data Analysis for Managerial Decision Making (3 cr)
  • FE 727 Economics and Management Decisions (3 cr)
  • IS 710 IT Strategies for a Networked Economy (3 cr)
  • OM 725 Creating Value through Operations & Technology (3 cr)
  • SI 750 Competition, Innovation & Strategy (3 cr)
  • PL 700 Business Law and Ethics (2 cr)
  • ES 704 Career Toolkit (2 cr)
  • ES 700 Executive Presentations (1 cr)
  • ES 701 Executive Written Communication (1 cr)
  • ES 705 Career Portfolio Program (1 cr)
  • Two additional 3-credit GSM electives (6 cr)

Summer Options

It is possible to complete the 80 credits for the COM and MBA degrees by taking courses in the Summer Session(s) following the first years. Please see the advisors in both schools regarding exceptions to standard course planning.

It is also possible to gain valuable experience during the summer between the first and second year by pursuing a management/media internship. More information about opportunities for hands-on experience may be obtained from the Career Center at the Questrom School of Business and the College of Communication.

Full 5-Semester Curriculum

Fall Semester

  • Executive Presentations (1 cr)
  • Career Management (2 cr)
  • Managing Organizations and People (3 cr)
  • Financial Management (3 cr)
  • Financial Reporting and Control (3 cr)
  • Marketing Management (3 cr)
  • Data Analysis for Managerial Decision Making (3 cr)

Spring Semester

  • Executive Written Communication (1 cr)
  • Current Topics in Law and Ethics (2 cr)
  • IT Strategies for a Networked Economy (3 cr)
  • Creating Value Through Operations and Technology (3 cr)
  • Economics and Management Decisions (3 cr)
  • Competition, Innovation & Strategy (3 cr)
  • MBA elective (3 cr)

Fall Semester

  • Career Community III (1 cr)
  • MBA elective (3 cr)
  • Media in Evolution (4 cr)
  • Media Business Entrepreneurship (4 cr)
  • Creating New Ideas (4 cr)

Spring Semester

  • Multiplatform Entertainment Promotion and Marketing (4 cr)
  • Careers in Hollywood (4 cr)
  • Modern Media Ventures (4 cr)
  • Internship (start-up) (4 cr)

Summer Session

  • Graduate Media Seminar (4 cr)
  • Internship (Traditional Media) (4 cr)
  • Thesis Project (4 cr)