Suspension or Dismissal

University Policy

College of Communication Policy

Undergraduate Policy

If a student does not meet the terms of Academic Probation, as outlined in the COM Academic Probation Contract, that student will be suspended for one academic year. The student may appeal to be reinstated two months prior to the end of their suspension after showing proof of progress. Students are allowed to take credits toward their degree program while on academic suspension, through another institution, if approved by the offering department(s) at BU and authorized by COM Undergraduate Affairs.

If a student is reinstated, the student will be reinstated on Academic Probation. The student must be registered for a full-time course load and receive a 2.0 GPI or higher and meet all of the Academic Probation contract requirements. If the student does not, he or she will be expelled from Boston University and the College of Communication.

Graduate Policy

A graduate student may be suspended/expelled at any time their GPI or GPA falls below a 3.0. This is at the department’s discretion.

The College of Communication defers to Boston University’s Academic Conduct Code on issues relating to Academic Misconduct and Boston University’s Student Lifebook on issues relating to ethical and professional behavior as a student.

Students who fail to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (3.0 GPI/GPA) may have their financial aid, merit scholarship, and assistantship(s) discontinued.