Academic Progress and Graduation

University Policy

College of Communication Policy

It is the responsibility of all students in the College of Communication to be aware of the graduation and academic requirements. Curriculum guides are available for review at Student Services, although students are encouraged to make appointments with academic advisors with any questions, and to seek professional guidance from faculty advisors. Students are responsible for knowing the graduation requirements for their programs and their own status regarding fulfillment of these requirements.

An Application for Graduation must be filed one year before the expected date of graduation. The form is available at the Student Services office in COM Room 123.

For undergraduate students, a total of 32 courses and/or 128 semester credit hours (excluding physical education courses, 1-credit courses, and other non-academic coursework) are required for the degree. Students who have met the major course requirements are still required to complete 128 credits. Degrees must be completed within seven years from when a student first matriculates. Credits received seven or more years before a student’s expected date of graduation are not transferable.

Graduate students should consult with their department or division chairperson and/or the Office of Graduate Affairs and Services for all questions related to academic progress and graduation.