Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations

  • COM CM 750: Advanced Writing for Media Professionals
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM CM 707.
    Building on the writing skills and formats presented in CM707, students work individually and in-depth on essay writing, analyses/critiques (drawing on The Best American Essays series), online feature editing strategies, blogs, direct mail package, microsite, and a presidential speech. Various writing workshops complete the course requirements.
  • COM CM 751: Advanced Art Direction
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM CM 708 and COM CM 717.
    This course builds upon the conceptual work and executional skills acquired in the prerequisite classes. Emphasis is placed on visual thinking and decision-making as it applies to advertising art direction. Assignments are focused on the strategic development of individual brand aesthetics translated across a range of media, as well as package design and collateral.
  • COM CM 752: Advanced Copywriting
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM CM 708 and COM CM 717.
    This course builds on the concept development and copywriting foundations learned in prerequisite courses. Assignments will require the creation of copy for a range of audience segments and media channels. Students will learn to shape copy for video, digital, print, and social media.
  • COM CM 753: Portfolio Development I
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM CM 708 and COM CM 717.
    Course is for graduate students who intend to work in the creative area of the advertising industry. Focus is on the principles needed to understand, conceptualize, and create an entry-level portfolio of work (print, video, digital, mobile, experiential). A workshop-like environment, mirroring an advertising agency, is augmented with lectures and case studies.
  • COM CM 754: Portfolio Development II
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM CM 708 ; COM CM 717 ; COM CM 753.
    A continuation of Portfolio Development I, this course continues the iterative process required to construct a competitive advertising portfolio. Students work to refine concepts, revise and strengthen the impact of the art direction and copywriting, and determine how the work should ultimately be displayed.
  • COM CM 772: PRLab
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM CM 701 and COM CM 707.
    PRLab at Boston University is the nation's oldest student run public relations agency. PRLab allows students to gain valuable industry experience in an agency style setting, working in the corporate, nonprofit and government sectors. Students engage in media relations, event planning, branding, copy editing, content creation and social media management. Over the course of the semester, students create professional portfolios. 2 or 4 cr.
  • COM CM 773: PR E-Board
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM CM 701 and COM CM 707; Consent of instructor
    This course represents the management function of the student run PRLab. The PRLab Executive board consists of a President, Vice President and several Account Supervisors, who work together to facilitate the overall success of the student/client interactions and PRLab as a whole. The E-Board is also responsible for PRLab's branding and new business acquisition. 2 or 4 cr.
  • COM CM 809: Graduate Internship
    Graduate Prerequisites: one semesters of graduate study.
    Students are placed in public relations, advertising, or communication departments of business, educational, philanthropic, or governmental institutions. Fifteen hours per week of supervised work. Students with a comprehensive report evaluating internship experience at end of semester. 2 or 4 cr.
  • COM CM 824: Technical Writing for Communication Research
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM CM 722 ; COM CM 723 ; COM CM 724.
    Teaches students to develop clear and concise research proposals and write detailed research reports incorporating appropriate methodological sequences, techniques, and strategies. Teaches students to interpret the results of quantitative analyses in a layperson's terms and relate their implications to a client, as well as to analyze the standards and pricing structure of competing agencies and available subcontractors in a given market. 1st sem.
  • COM CM 831: International Communication
    Factors of international communication; cultural, economic, political, and social influences. Role of communication media in effecting social change in a wide variety of countries. 1st sem.
  • COM CM 901: Directed Studies
    Graduate Prerequisites: Consent of advisor and instructor. Supervised reading, fieldwork, or research for student's specific needs.
    Supervised reading, fieldwork, or research for student's specific needs. 2 or 4 cr.
  • COM CM 909: Thesis or Project Research
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor
    Course credits slated for students writing a thesis.