Science Unbound-Writing at the Edges of Science and Society

COM JO 705

A course in which students read, think and write about several areas where science and society interact, how that interaction has played out in the media and how that has affected the public's perceptions and policy decisions. We'll examine three thematic areas in which science has has a particularly prickly relationship with the media, perhaps because they touch on primal emotions:(1) Uncertainly and Doubt, (2) Hope and Fear, and, (3) Truth and justice. Students will also complete a series of short to medium length magazine style pieces suitable for front of the book sections of popular publications- such as Wired, Discover, Technology and New Scientist.

FALL 2017 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Starr COM B29 R 12:30 pm-3:15 pm WebReg Restricted
Stamped Approval

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