• COM FT 723: Amrcan Indepndt
  • COM FT 724: Screenwriting 3
  • COM FT 727: Creative Producing I
    An introductory course that takes the student through the various stages of production beginning with a concept and ending with a full-fledged, camera-ready proposal. Students are introduced to issues of finance, scheduling, and organization; they learn what a producer must do to keep budget and concept on track.
  • COM FT 728: Creating New Ideas With Existing Content
    Introduces students to the tools and techniques used to produce multi-platform content. Students learn multimedia concepts, elements, and production to extend the brands of properties and to attract new audiences. Training in the use of computer-based hardware and software for multimedia creation. 4 cr. Fall/spring
  • COM FT 729: Script Analysis
  • COM FT 730: Screen Adaptation I
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM FT 713.
    More than half of Oscar nominated films are literary adaptations. This course analyses the current commercial and artistic reasons behind the surge in adaptations, touches upon adaptation theory, and studies novels and short stories that have been adapted for film. Student's present papers on film adaptations and adapt a short story.
  • COM FT 731: Screen Writing IV
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM FT 730.
    In this fourth of the MFA screenwriting students' screenwriting workshop courses, students write a feature screenplay, write coverage on each other's work, and study films that shed light on their projects.
  • COM FT 801: Avid Film Composer
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: COM FT 565.
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  • COM FT 808: Line Producing
    Graduate Prerequisites: COM FT 849 and COM FT 850.
    Required of all Film Production graduate students, this course covers all aspects of what is sometimes called "physical production--" the logistics of making a media project. Topics covered include contracts, rights, negotiation strategies, working with and without unions, crew responsibilities, scheduling and budgeting. Students apply the lessons covered to actual projects that they take through the first phases of pre-production.
  • COM FT 810: Web Prom & Dev
  • COM FT 812: Cmp Core 1
  • COM FT 813: Cmp Core 2
  • COM FT 814: Teach Pract II
  • COM FT 815: Prod Lab 2
  • COM FT 816: Rev & Critq 1
  • COM FT 817: Rev & Critq 2
  • COM FT 825: Thesis Project
    Creation of an original work in any one of four areas: producing; scriptwriting; directing/production; or a research paper. One-on-one advisor supervision throughout the entire process.
  • COM FT 851: Thesis Preparation
    This course, required of second semester film production graduate students, explores the aesthetic and technical parameters of the short film format with the goal of celebrating the short form as a genre unto itself. Students also develop and write their thesis scripts in preparation for thesis production the following year.
  • COM FT 852: Thesis Project
    Devoted to completion of thesis projects in film production and film studies.
  • COM FT 951: Directed Studies
    Graduate Prerequisites: consent of supervising faculty and chairman of department.
    Individual projects: opportunity for advanced graduate students who have completed a major portion of their degree requirements to engage in in-depth tutorial study with specific faculty in an area not normally covered by regular curriculum offerings.