Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, and Reinstatement

University Policy

College of General Studies Policy

Leaving the University

Students deciding to leave the University may take a leave of absence or may withdraw permanently. A leave of absence (LOA) from the University implies a temporary interruption in studies and a return date. A student away on a leave of absence may not enroll as a full-time, matriculating student at another college or university, although taking a course or two as a non-degree or special student is allowed. A withdrawal (WD) from the University is more permanent. A student should only withdraw if she/he does not intend to return to Boston University.

A student wishing to voluntarily withdraw or take a leave of absence from the College must do so by submitting a signed request to the University Service Center (881 Commonwealth Avenue), where he or she will also meet with a member of the University Service Center staff. A withdrawal or leave of absence is effective on the day the signed request is received; tuition and fees are canceled in accordance with the University’s refund schedule, which is published by the Office of the University Registrar and is available on its website.


To return from leave of absence, contact the College of General Studies Associate Dean via email, cgs@bu.edu, or by calling 617-353-2850.