Transfer Credit

College of General Studies Policy

CGS Core courses

  • CGS core course credit will be given for approved courses taken outside Boston University only if the grade earned is “C” or higher.
  • Credit will be given but grades earned outside of Boston University are not computed in the student’s Boston University grade point average.
  • Pass/Fail/Audited courses are not acceptable.
  • Boston University students may not satisfy program requirements through the transfer of credit earned in the summer offerings of other institutions located within the greater Boston area, unless the credit involved is for a required course, not offered through Boston University’s Summer Term, and prior approval has been obtained from both the responsible department and dean of the requesting student. “Greater Boston area” is defined as that region inside Route 128. A list of these schools is available through the Summer Term Office, 755 Commonwealth Avenue.
  • If students plan to make up a core course outside of Boston University, they must complete the Inter-Collegiate Course Transfer Request form (available online and in the Student Services office, CGS Room 211).
  • Students are responsible for having an official transcript sent to CGS. Official transcripts should be sent to the address below:

    Stacy P. Godnick, Associate Dean, Student Academic Life
    Boston University, College of General Studies
    871 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

Elective Courses

Students planning to transfer credit for non-CGS core courses must have them approved by the relevant academic department at Boston University.