Certificate in Stage Management

Our Artisans Certificate programs are designed for students who have completed a BFA and are proficient in their craft but seek to enhance their artistic and technical experience in order to gain employment in leadership roles in the profession. The emphasis on training is geared to those who do not wish to pursue an MFA but find that they are in need of additional refinement of skill, experience and collaboration in a professional conservatory setting.

Our program seeks to:

  • Enhance artistic and technical communication skills and hands-on experience within the wide range of production opportunities.
  • Explore and enhance creative collaborations with directors, designers, and technicians.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Production opportunities and leadership roles on two productions each year with additional experiences in supporting production on 12 to 15 produced shows per year.
  • Opportunity to work on productions of the Huntington Theatre Company as well as other members of the Professional Theatre Initiative (PTI).
  • The option of internships with leading regional theatres, shops, and PTI affiliates.

Program of Study (minimum of 24 credits)

First Year 1st 2nd
Matinee 0 0
Colloquium 1 1
Production 1 1
Drafting 1 1 1
Acting & Performance 3
Stage Management 2
Speech for the Actor 2
First Aid .5
Total 6.5 6
Second Year
Matinee 0 0
Colloquium 1 1
Production 1 1
Movement/Combat 2 2
Intro to Stage Direction 2 2
Total 6 6