• CFA TH 398: Production
    Prereq: CFA TH397; Each semester that a junior Design & Production BFA candidate is in residence at SOT, he/she is required to enroll in an appropriate section of Production. Meets late afternoons, evenings and/or weekends. Specific design and shop work in the mounting of student or professional productions. Does not include off-crew design work. Spring semester.
  • CFA TH 402: Contemporary Dramatic Literature
    Prereq: At least one of the following: CFA TH 101, CFA TH 102, CFA TH 201, CFA TH 202 or consent of instructor; This discussion course explores the most current trends in theatre from the United States and United Kingdom, with particular attention paid to the voices of African-American, Asian-American, Disabled, Feminist, Gay, and Lesbian playwrights, as well as to plays that break the standard molds of realism and naturalism. Beginning with 1990's Angels in America and moving forward to the present, the course pairs close reading and analysis with other dramaturgical methods in order to provide students with intellectual depth and practical skill for the professional theatre. Attendance of selected performances at B.U. and in Boston-at-large is required. 3.0 credits. Spring semester.
  • CFA TH 403: Advanced Playwriting
    Prereq: CFA TH 303 or consent of instructor; Students will learn the art of developing an early stage first draft into a production ready final rehearsal draft. Run like an intensive development workshop, this is where the most intensive, and arguably, most satisfying work will begin. Students learn the nuts and bolts of massaging a play: fleshing out characters, streamlining action, refining dialogue and finessing structure. Playwrights will also learn about the expectations and strategies for productive collaborative in-process relationships with actors, directors and dramaturges. This class is required for writers intending to produce original works for BFA Thesis. 3.0 credits. Fall semester.
  • CFA TH 411: Voice & Speech 4: Thesis Development
    Prereq: TH 311; Continuation in development of vocal instrument, workshops in special topics and individual coaching in support of actor's performance in productions. 2.0 credits. Fall semester.
  • CFA TH 412: Voice & Speech 4: Thesis Application
    Prereq: CFA TH411; Continuation in development vocal instrument, workshops in special topics and individual coaching in support of actor's performance in productions. 2.0 credits. Spring semester.
  • CFA TH 419: Mt Perf Lab
  • CFA TH 421: Acting 4: Thesis Development
    Prereq: CFA TH 321; Experience in the application of techniques to define and fulfill the actor's work in terms of form and content as required by the play and its performance. 2.0 credits. Fall semester.
  • CFA TH 422: Acting 4: Professional Lifetime Skills
    Prereq: CFA TH421; For Senior Acting Majors or by instructor's permission. Focus on synthesizing the actor's training into the practical and artistic tools necessary to work creatively and collaboratively in the profession. Includes deepening and integrating skills in auditions, readings, and rehearsal process, as well as panel discussions on the business of theatre. 3.0 credits. Spring semester.
  • CFA TH 425: Acting: Shakespeare
    Prereq: Consent of instructor; Begins with personalization of the text, learning how to speak from one's own life experience. Explores connection between breath and thought/feeling. Then moves on to intellectual and technical demands, treating text more analytically, focusing on comprehension, inflection, dynamics and rhythm. Text will include sonnets, monologues and scenes. 2.0 credits. Fall semester.
  • CFA TH 426: Classical Techniques in Contemporary Acting
    Prereq: Consent of instructor; In this course, considerable time will be spent investigating how classical training can enhance the embodiment of contemporary text. We will use acting techniques perhaps more commonly associated with classical work to explore contemporary plays that contain either heightened language or elevated ideas, or both. We may sample historical texts from time to time, as they prove useful in the approach to contemporary material. 2.0 credits. Spring semester.
  • CFA TH 427: Theatre Ensemble 4: Thesis Development
    Prereq: CFA TH 227 or CFA TH 228 or CFA TH 327; This course serves as the culminating experience for senior Theatre Arts majors. The course involves the process of selecting a thesis project, choosing partners with whom to collaborate, then coming together as an ensemble to determine the process for producing the projects in the spring semester. Topics include developing a company mission, goals and priorities, as well as fundraising and marketing. Part one of a two semester-long course. Required all senior BFA Theatre Arts majors. 3.0 credits. Fall semester.
  • CFA TH 428: Senior Thesis: Theatre Arts
    Prereq: CFA TH 427, plus prior academic experience in directing, choreography, or playwriting depending on the individual focus of a student's thesis project participation. Students form a company to present a festival of plays at the end of the semester. Thesis work can focus on playwriting, producing, directing, dramaturgy, or performance and project collaboration is strongly encouraged. 3.0 credits. Spring semester.
  • CFA TH 429: Understanding the Camera
    Prereq: SOT Only (majors and minors), senior standing or permission from instructor. This course is designed to provide students an acclimation to the artistic and professional transition of "on‐camera" work. Class work will focus on the development of on‐camera skills through performance practice and editing for presentation. Students will develop their own material individually and in groups. An introduction to basic film making (lighting, sound, editing), marking, scene takes and script analysis will help develop an understanding of how to create more dynamic and complete characters created specifically for the screen. In‐depth analysis of the current medium as it exists in all markets (film, television, and online) will be a constant element of the course. 2.0 credits. Fall semester.
  • CFA TH 430: Film/Television Lab
    Fall Semester: In the first semester of this course students develop skills on how to prepare for professional work in Film and Television. Lectures and workshops will focus on the process of auditioning/casting for film and television and will help students to identify their potential for success in that medium (even in areas beyond acting). Various scenarios for meetings/auditions/screen tests will help to make students "industry-ready" and serve as a precursor to the post graduate "Acting in Hollywood" program 2.0 credits. Fall semester. Spring Semester: In the second semester College of Fine Arts and College of Communication students work in collaboration to rehearse, develop and film material for presentation. The course emphasizes building stronger communication in the actor and director relationship especially as it relates to the artistic on camera storytelling process. The course meets weekly for both in class exercises, development of camera technique, as well as filmed scene presentation and critique. However, students should be prepared to commit additional hours outside of class for rehearsal and at times the filming of their scenes. 2.0 credits. Spring semester.
  • CFA TH 431: Movement 4: Thesis Development
    Prereq: CFA TH 331; Explorations of physical theatre, choreography, and movement styles for non-verbal requirement of BFA Acting thesis.
  • CFA TH 432: Movement 4: Commedia dell'Arte
    Prereq: Permission of instructor; Commedia dell'Arte: Introduction to the 16th and 17th century form of Italian street theatre based on improvised scenarios. Actors explore the stock characters of the old men, lovers, servants, and warriors, and learn techniques for mask transformations and physical comedy. 1.0 credit
  • CFA TH 437: Alexander Technique 4: The Actor's Consciousness
    Prereq: CFA TH 337; In-depth study of Carl Stough's breathing coordination principles. Continue to develop skills to understand what is the actor's consciousness and what is character's consciousness. Private coaching and hands on scene work to attain high-level performance techniques. 1.0 credit. Fall semester.
  • CFA TH 438: Alexander Technique 4: Thesis Application
    Prereq: CFA TH437 or consent of instructor; Team taught with Judy Braha. Coaching for a scene with an Alexander teacher and an Acting teacher together helps the students to attain high-level performance techniques. 1.0 credit. Spring semester.
  • CFA TH 441: Undergraduate Directing Colloquium 2
    Prereq: CFA TH 341; Projects with undergraduate theatre majors in plays of various lengths. Focus is on preparation for rehearsal and on rehearsal process. 2.0 credits. Fall semester.
  • CFA TH 442: Undergraduate Directing Colloquium 3
    Prereq: CFA TH441 or permission of instructor, concurrent registration with CFA DR428; Projects with undergraduate theatre majors in plays of various lengths. Focus is on preparation for rehearsal and on rehearsal process. 2.0 credits