Fine Arts

  • CFA FA 510: Arts Leaders Forum
    The "Arts Leaders Forum" consists of a series of conversations with arts leaders, including entrepreneurs, community leaders and established industry experts. Each week guests will share their experiences with the class. In addition to guest speakers, students will focus on leadership skills and exercises through readings and cases. The goal of this course is to give students insight into the pressing issues of managing arts organizations, to gain leadership skills and to provide insight into career options.
  • CFA FA 520: Career Development in the Arts
    This course is designed to help students envision ways to use their education and creativity to become leaders in the arts. Practical skills, such as how to write a project proposal, prepare a budget, research funding options, and develop a marketing plan will be supplemented by lectures and discussions to guide the students in understanding their unique talents and how to use these to contribute to society, to make a living, and to be true to their artistic goals. Case studies, lectures, readings, and interdisciplinary collaboration will be used to provide examples of each week's topic of discussion. Students are expected to keep a journal to record their own thoughts and explore specific themes addressed throughout the semester. Open to the BU Community except Freshman. Offered both semesters. 4cr
  • CFA FA 530: Collaborative Arts Incubator
    The Collaborative Arts Incubator is a hands-on studio experience and a cross-disciplinary course that offers students within CFA and BU the opportunity to work together on innovative, creative projects. Students work in groups drawing from their own disciplines and are encouraged to venture into unfamiliar creative territories. Students engage in active collaboration, critical thinking and peer interaction with at-risk populations in the surrounding community. The social justice component is a significant element of the course.
  • CFA FA 540: Arts and Culture in Mexico: Revolution to the Present
    The density of Mexican cultural productions, allows a unique understanding of its history and current events through the exploration of artistic works. In this multidisciplinary course students will be exposed to art works in all disciplines, focusing on major artistic creators but also open to popular culture; the great muralists and street artists, film masterpieces and telenovelas, the symphonic music of Chavez and Revueltas, the collaboration of Mexican and foreign artist in concert music, film, but also in the integration of rock bands like Molotov. Cultural history and cultural studies will provide the critical tools for analysis and contextualization. The class will also look into artists interaction with power, the creation of cultural policies and institutions. 4cr
  • CFA FA 550: Arts Internship
    The Arts Internship class is designed to allow sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the Arts Leadership Minor to receive course credit while working in a professional setting. Internships provide exposure to a workplace environment and offer the opportunity to use creative problem solving skills. Each student will work with an Internship Adviser and Faculty Adviser. To register for the Arts Internship class, students must contact Jeannette Guillemin at
  • CFA FA 560: The Creative Economy and Social Impact
    This course explores the creative economy & social impact and where creative professionals intersect with placemaking, industry, and cultural entrepreneurship. The course covers a variety of topics including: creative placemaking; the artist as entrepreneur; business and leadership models for the creative industries. All topics are explored with a Social Impact lens. Through case studies, guest speakers, readings, and group exercises, students learn about innovative entrepreneurial initiatives that straddle the boundaries between the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Guided exercises enable students to assess and develop their skills as future social impact and change agents using an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • CFA FA 600: Arts Leadership Directed Study
    Directed Study for those involved with the Arts Leadership minor and subsequent classes.