• CFA ME 262: Jazz 2: Performance & Context
    A continued study of the major movements of jazz, with emphasis on the role of jazz in education. 2 cr.
  • CFA ME 303: Elementary Methods
    Philosophy and goals of the general music program from kindergarten through grade 9. Techniques and experiences employed to implement the development of musical concepts and skills; activities and teaching materials related to the musical development of the child.
  • CFA ME 304: Secondary Methods
    Philosophical foundations and objectives of music programs in grades 5 through 12. Development of teaching materials and presentation of representative lessons; techniques of analysis and evaluation. 4.0 credits.
  • CFA ME 381: Mus for SP Lrnr
  • CFA ME 405: Choral Methods
    Survey and analysis of music for large and small ensembles including boys' and girls' glee clubs, mixed chorus, and choir of all levels of performance. Emphasis is placed on conducting and teaching music of the various style periods. 2.0 credits.
  • CFA ME 406: Instrumental Methods
    Study of techniques employed in the teaching of instruments; analysis of sequential experiences for beginning and intermediate instrumental students in homogeneous and heterogeneous classes; development, adaptation, and composing of materials and literature for instrumental instruction. 2.0 credits.
  • CFA ME 407: Music Technology in Schools
    Function and use of music education technology; development and use of computer, audio, video, and visual materials for the teaching of music. 2.0 credits.
  • CFA ME 410: Practicum Seminar
    Required for undergraduate and graduate Music Education students registered for Practicum. First semester seminar topics will include development of an educational philosophy, resume preparation, job interviewing, and classroom behavior management. Second semester seminar topics include a refresher on job interviewing, assessment, public and parental relations, and music program advocacy. Case study sessions will help seniors analyze complicated classroom situations. Students will be guided through the teacher licensure process and readied for entry into the music education job market. 0 cr. 2 semesters.
  • CFA ME 411: Practicum 1 K-5
    Pre-K-5. Supervised student teaching in grades K-5, weekly seminar, individual conferences with University supervisor. Six weeks; minimum 150 hours required. 4 cr. each semester.
  • CFA ME 412: Practicum 2 5-8
    Supervised student teaching in 5-8; weekly seminar, minimum of 150 clock hours; weekly seminar; individual conferences with University supervisor. 4 cr. each semester.
  • CFA ME 413: Practicum 3 8-12
    Supervised student teaching in grades 8 through 12; six weeks, minimum of 150 clock hours; weekly seminar; individual conferences with University supervisor. 4 cr. each semester.
  • CFA ME 421: Creativity and Imagination in General Music
    Prereq: CFA MU 361 or permission of instructor. Students will examine general music instruction through the lenses of higher order thinking, multiple intelligences, and connectivity. This course will present ways that general music teachers can become reflective practitioners who stimulate their students to interact powerfully and imaginatively with music. Teaching which provokes inquiry and creativity will be emphasized. A variety of published and teacher-constructed curriculum materials will be examined, critiqued, and analyzed for their ability to stimulate active student engagement, to anchor core music concepts, to address national and state standards, and to connect music with academic learning. Students will be challenged to create, compose, experiment, research, and design curriculum materials that are substantive, thought-provoking, vivid, and memorable. 2 cr.
  • CFA ME 422: Curriculum Planning for General Music
    Contemporary philosophies and goals of general music; content of the general music program from kindergarten through junior high school; techniques and problems of curriculum development.
  • CFA ME 481: Orff Schulw 1
  • CFA ME 482: Orff Schulw 2
  • CFA ME 483: Orff Schulw 3
  • CFA ME 499: Independent Study: Undergraduates
    Prereq: approval of advisor, the faculty member who is to supervise study, and department chairman. Plans must be submitted in advance of registration. (A maximum of 8 semester hours may be counted toward the degree). Open only to undergraduate students. 2-3 cr.
  • CFA ME 561: Teaching Jazz
  • CFA ME 581: Mus for SP Lrnr
  • CFA ME 601: The Art of Teaching 1
    This first in the sequence of music education "methods" courses examines the personal attributes and professional skills of music teachers whose work with children is categorized as "artful." Through readings, films, discussions, reflections, and sustained teaching experiences with young children in an urban school, students will be introduced to the many roles that music educators play while simultaneously reflecting on personal motivations for becoming a music teacher. This course emphasizes acquisition of instructional "moves" and strategies as it engages students in becoming astute, analytical, and empathic observers of teachers and students in classroom settings. Issues of poverty and social class as they relate to music teaching and learning are examined. Weekly filed work experiences (sustained internship) help the student to gain confidence in dealing with children in urban elementary school settings. Weekly singing in class on campus will help students become more confident vocalists as they build a repertoire of songs for use in schools. All students will begin construction of an e-portfolio, regularly and independently, adding artifacts produced in this course, in their internships, and through their musical studies. The e-portfolio will be presented for music education faculty and peer review in the latter part of the second semester of this course.