BA in Russian Language & Literature

The major in Russian Language & Literature provides students with a comprehensive grasp of Russian literature and culture in political, historical, theoretical, and linguistic contexts. Our majors are critically informed and discerning readers of texts who are able to communicate their ideas in well-structured and persuasive writing in English and, starting at the CAS LR 303 level, in Russian. The major expects students to attain proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension in Russian; it trains them to work with primary sources in Russian and to navigate challenging real-life situations. The major works well on its own or as a double major with other disciplines, such as International Relations, History, English, Comparative Literature, and Political Science. Upon graduation, Russian majors are well prepared for graduate study and for careers in government, local and international nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector.


A total of 13 four-credit courses is required, all completed with a grade of C or higher. Students entering with advanced standing in Russian must complete a minimum of six principal courses in Russian at Boston University.

Two of the following

  • CAS LX 250 Introduction to Linguistics
  • CAS XL 100 Explorations in World Literature: Leaving Home
  • CAS XL 222 Introduction to Comparative Literature: Western Literature (in English translation)*
  • CAS XL 223 Introduction to Comparative Literature: Middle Eastern Literature (in English translation)
  • CAS XL 224 Introduction to Comparative Literature: East Asian Literature (in English translation)
  • CAS XL 225 Introduction to Comparative Literature: South Asian Literature (in English translation)

*CAS CC 101 and 102 together may be substituted for CAS XL 222.

Four advanced language courses

  • CAS LR 303 Third-Year Russian: Reading, Grammar Review, and Conversation
  • CAS LR 304 Third-Year Russian II: Reading, Grammar Review, and Conversation
  • CAS LR 403 Advanced Russian Grammar
  • CAS LR 404 Advanced Russian Conversation

Both of the following:

  • CAS LR 250 Classics of Russian Prose (in English translation)
  • CAS LR 282 Russian Prose Classics of the Twentieth Century (in English translation)

Three literature courses

  • CAS LR 350 Introduction to Analysis of Russian Prose Texts
  • CAS LR 351 Introduction to Analysis of Russian Poetic Texts
  • One additional course numbered CAS LR 450 or higher

Two electives

  • one culture course from: CAS LR 280, 281, 283, or 289
  • one LR course numbered 300 or above or a related course from another department chosen with the written approval of the advisor