Minor in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies (WGS) introduces students to scholarship relating to gender and sexuality in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. In consultation with the directors of undergraduate studies, WGS minors have the opportunity to build an intellectually diverse and student-centered program that reflects their particular interests and provides a valuable complement to their majors.


Students must complete six 4-credit CAS WS or other approved courses with a grade of C. The six courses must include:

  • two core courses: CAS WS 101 and WS 102 Gender and Sexuality: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
  • one upper-level (300 or higher) WS course selected from the list below
  • three additional elective courses, two of which must be upper-level, may be selected from over 50 courses from 14 departments or programs that provide credit toward the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies minor. An updated list of courses counting toward the minor can be found on the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program website.

Courses offered by Metropolitan College, Boston University’s Study Abroad and Internship Programs, or other University schools and colleges may be taken as electives with the approval of the directors of undergraduate studies. For additional information, please call 617-358-2370, or send an email to wgs@bu.edu. Website: www.bu.edu/wgs.

Core Courses

  • CAS WS 101 Gender and Sexuality I: An Interdisciplinary Introduction†
  • CAS WS 102 Gender and Sexuality II: An Interdisciplinary Introduction†

Elective Courses

  • CAS WS 213 Sexism in the Twenty-First Century†
  • CAS WS 214 Creating Women: Gendering Literature, Art, and Music†
  • CAS WS 241 Sociology of Gender (meets with CAS SO 241)
  • CAS WS 305 Critical Issues in Women’s Studies
  • CAS WS 340 Women, Race, and Gender in Mass Media
  • CAS WS 342 Law and Gender in the United States
  • CAS WS 344 Images of Women in Popular Fiction
  • CAS WS 345 Gender and War (meets with CAS IR 518 and PO 583)
  • CAS WS 346 Women and Film
  • CAS WS 348 Gender and International Development
  • CAS WS 350 Women and Politics (meets with CAS PO 309)
  • CAS WS 352 American Masculinities (meets with CAS SO 352)
  • CAS WS 356 Women and Comedy in America
  • CAS WS 360 Global Feminism: Race and Gender in International Perspectives (meets with CAS IR 358)
  • CAS WS 450 Internships: Women, Gender, and Social Change
  • CAS WS 491, 492 Directed Study: Women’s and Gender Studies

Courses above marked with a † carry divisional studies credit in CAS. Refer to the Divisional Studies page of this Bulletin for specific information.