Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Minor in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

This minor is designed for undergraduates wishing to develop their knowledge of human communication, particularly students who are considering graduate studies in speech-language pathology or audiology. For students interested in related international study opportunities, the Internship Programs in Auckland, Dublin, London, or Sydney are especially relevant.

Five courses are required, for a total of 18 credits:

  • SAR SH 521 Phonetics (2 cr)
  • SAR SH 522 Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech Mechanism (4 cr)
  • SAR SH 524 Normal Language Acquisition (4 cr)
  • SAR SH 531 Introduction to Communication Disorders (4 cr)
  • SAR SH 535 Introduction to Audiology (4 cr)

There are no prerequisites for any of the above courses. Students are required to have a GPA of 2.0 or higher to qualify for a minor in speech, language & hearing sciences, and must receive a grade of C– or better in each course taken toward the minor. For further information, contact CAS Academic Advising at 100 Bay State Road, on the fourth floor.