The Portuguese & Brazilian Cultural Studies Program is devoted to the study of Portuguese language and Brazilian cultural studies, offering courses in Portuguese language, culture, and literature, as well as Portuguese for business and a minor in Portuguese & Brazilian Cultural Studies.

The successful completion of CAS LP 212 fulfills the College of Arts & Sciences Second Language Requirement.

The Portuguese Program in the Department of Romance Studies offers a full sequence of language courses (CAS LP 111, LP 112, LP 211, and LP 212) to develop students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, as well as provide an introduction to the culture of the Lusophone world. We also offer two courses in English focused on Brazilian cinema (CAS LP 310) and on Brazilian intellectual thought (CAS LP 312), two advanced literature courses taught in Portuguese (CAS LP 350 and LP 352), and advanced language courses focused on business (CAS LP 307) and on Portuguese language through culture (LP 305).