BA/MA in Hispanic Language & Literatures

The combined undergraduate/graduate degree gives students an opportunity to develop a coherent program with the knowledge of the major historical periods, of the critical approaches applicable in the study of literature and culture, and of some of the methods of analysis of linguistic phenomena, as well as a high level of proficiency in oral and written expression. For specific information, consult the Director of Graduate Studies in the department. For general information, please see BA/MA program.

Madrid, Burgos, Lima, Quito, and Buenos Aires

Students may take courses to fulfill their language requirement or courses toward their major or minor in the Boston University Madrid, Burgos, Lima, Quito, or Buenos Aires Study Abroad programs. Additional information on these programs is available in the Study Abroad and Internship Programs section of this site.

Placement Examination

A placement examination is required of all students whose most recent course in Spanish was taken in high school or at a college other than Boston University and who wish to continue their study of this language here. Information regarding online placement exams is available in the department or on the departmental website.