BA/MA in French Language & Literature

This program, in conjunction with the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS), gives students an opportunity to develop a coherent program with the following objectives: a knowledge of the major historical periods of specialization, of the critical approaches applicable in the study of the principal literary genres, and of some of the methods of analysis of linguistic phenomena, as well as a high level of proficiency in oral and written expression. For specific information, consult the Director of Graduate Studies in the department. Please refer to BA/MA programs for general information about these programs.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Students may take courses to fulfill their language requirement or courses toward a French major or minor, or toward the joint major in French & Linguistics, in the Boston University Study Abroad and Internship Programs in Grenoble and Paris. In Grenoble, students enroll in intensive language courses and in university courses covering a broad curriculum. The BU center in Paris offers two programs: the Paris Internship Program running throughout the year, and a summer–only program, Dakar and Paris: Youth and Migration. Students in the Paris Internship Program take three courses at the center followed by an internship placement with accompanying academic work. In the Dakar and Paris Program, students will spend the first two weeks in Senegal’s vibrant coastal capital. The remaining four weeks will be spent in Paris. Courses will focus on the themes of youth and migration in an urban environment, and will explore questions of immigration and citizenship with respect to a West African migrant population.

Opportunities to take courses abroad taught in French are also available in BU’s program in Geneva, and through exchange programs in Paris in the fields of management and political science as well as with Paris 8 University. Additional information on these programs is available in the Study Abroad and Internship Programs portion of this Bulletin. Students should consult with a faculty advisor to determine which Study Abroad courses may fulfill major and minor requirements.

Placement Examination

A placement test is required of all students whose most recent course in French was taken in high school or at a college other than Boston University and who wish to continue their study of this language here. Information regarding online placement exams is available in the department or on the departmental website.