BA in French & Linguistics

The French & Linguistics major enables students to combine the study of human language from a variety of perspectives with the study of French language, literature, and culture. In their linguistics courses, students explore the formal structures of language (sound system, internal structure of words, syntactic organization, and representations of meaning) as well as language universals, variability across languages, social dimensions of language use, and historical language change. At the same time, they achieve an understanding of the essential elements of French grammar and pronunciation, further develop their abilities to express themselves with clarity and precision in spoken and written French, and improve their listening and reading skills. They gain an understanding of French and Francophone cultural and literary traditions and learn to analyze and appreciate great literary and cultural works. Integrating the two components of the joint major, coursework in French linguistics focuses on the historical development of French, on variation in the uses of French in different parts of the world, or on the distinguishing characteristics of French in relation to other languages. Class projects and interactions with faculty provide frequent opportunities for making connections between the major’s two primary areas of study. Study abroad is strongly encouraged and, with careful planning, easily accommodated.

The joint major equips students with language skills and cultural competence for employment across all economic sectors and provides excellent background for a range of careers including language education, testing and assessment, translation and interpretation, international business, speech therapy, voice coaching, information technology, law, nursing and medicine, child development, and social work. It also prepares students for graduate study in the areas of language, literature, linguistics, and related areas such as regional studies and cognitive science.


The major consists of thirteen 4-credit courses, all completed with a grade of C or higher. Further information on individual courses can be found in the list of French course descriptions and Linguistics course descriptions, and on the Linguistics program website.

Five courses in French

  • One French language course at the 300 level (CAS LF 303, 304, 305, 306)
  • Two survey courses in French literature: CAS LF 350 and 351
  • Two French literature courses at the 400 or 500 level, including one covering a period before 1800, and one covering a period after 1800:
    • Applicable courses for before 1800: CAS LF 451, 453, 457, 550, 553, 555, 560, 562, 563, 564, 565, 575
    • Applicable courses for after 1800: CAS LF 455, 456, 460, 469, 551, 554, 558, 570, 571, 590

Five courses in linguistics

  • CAS LX 250 Introduction to Linguistics
  • Three core courses in linguistics (may be taken in any order; all have CAS LX 250 as a prerequisite): CAS LX 502 Semantics I, CAS LX 510 Phonetics, CAS LX 522 Syntax I
  • One additional CAS LX elective at or above the 300 level

One course in French linguistics

Choose from the following (or others offered abroad, with advisor approval):

  • CAS LF 500 French Phonetics
  • CAS LF 502 The Structure of French: Syntax
  • CAS LF 503 The Structure of French: Phonology
  • CAS LF 504 History of French
  • CAS LF/LX 506 Topics in French Linguistics

Two additional electives

  • One course in French linguistics (listed above), general linguistics (CAS LX courses at or above the 400 level), or sociolinguistics (CAS AN 521); or another linguistics course with advisor approval
  • One additional French course at the CAS LF 300 level or above in the area of advanced language, linguistics, culture, film, or literature; options include courses taken abroad, with advisor approval

Study Abroad Opportunities

Students may take courses to fulfill their language requirement, toward a French major or minor, or toward the joint major in French & Linguistics, in the Boston University Study Abroad and Internship Programs in Grenoble and Paris. In Grenoble, students enroll in intensive language courses and in university courses covering a broad curriculum. The BU center in Paris offers an Internship Program running throughout the year. Students in the Paris Internship Program take three courses at the center followed by an internship placement with accompanying academic work.

Opportunities to take courses abroad taught in French are also available in BU’s program in Geneva and through exchange programs in Paris in the fields of management and political science. Additional information on these programs is available in the Study Abroad and Internship Programs portion of this Bulletin. Students should consult with a faculty advisor to determine which Study Abroad courses may fulfill degree requirements. A minimum of 6 of the 13 courses required for the joint major must be taken on the Charles River Campus.