BA in Political Science

Required Courses

A total of 11 courses with a grade of C or higher is required: three from among PO core courses CAS PO 111, 141, 151, 171, and 191; and eight political science courses numbered 200–599.  At least one of these eight courses must be a seminar numbered CAS PO 501599.

No more than 8 credits toward the major shall be derived from Directed Study. Freshmen considering a political science major should take at least one core course in the freshman year.

Note: Department of International Relations courses do not fulfill major requirements in political science unless they are cross-listed with political science courses.

Honors Option

Highly qualified students who are majoring in political science may wish to undertake a special course of study aimed at graduation with honors in the major. This departmental honors program includes a required course on research design, a thesis and oral defense (usually in the senior year), and co-curricular activities that provide insight into politics and government. Applications for the honors program must be submitted no later than May 15 of the junior year. Interested students should contact the director of advanced programs or the academic advisor in the Political Science Department.

Joint and Related Programs