BA/MA in Physics

This five-year program is intended for students who want to continue their education in physics at a graduate level, as well as for students who want to extend their knowledge of physics beyond the undergraduate level before entering the job market. Students should enroll in this program no later than the end of their sophomore year. No student will be admitted to the program later than the end of the junior year.

Before entering the program, students must achieve an overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum GPA of 2.7 (B–) in sciences and mathematics, as well as complete the 300-level course requirements for the BA with a major in physics. Before award of the dual degree, students must satisfy all College of Arts & Sciences degree requirements.

The total number of semester courses required for both degrees is 36. For general information please refer to BA/MA program.


  • CAS MA 123 and 124, or 127
  • CAS PY 251, 252, 351, 355

Principal Courses

CAS PY 405, 406, 408, 410, 451, 452, 501, 511, 512, 521, 541, 581, and either 543 or 551. In addition, students are required to enroll for two semesters of Directed Research (GRS PY 901, 902) in their final year, in connection with their work on a master’s thesis, or to achieve a “low pass” on the graduate comprehensive examination. In the latter case, the student must also take one additional physics course at the 500 level or above.

Required Related Courses

CAS MA 225 and one other mathematics course at the 200 level or higher chosen in consultation with the student’s physics advisor.

Recommended Courses

CAS PY 502, 543, 551, 561; CAS MA 242, 411, 412, 531, 561.

In the principal courses numbered 300–499, a minimum average grade of C must be attained. In the principal courses numbered 500 or above, the minimum passing grade is B−.