BA in Philosophy & Religion

With the joint Philosophy & Religion major, students are introduced to a rigorous analysis of their ways of thinking and acting. The mental rigor and investigative habits developed through their philosophical education allow students to thoroughly explore religion and religious traditions from a variety of disciplinary and topical perspectives.


At least six courses in philosophy and six in religion, with a grade of C or higher, are required (all courses are 4 credits unless otherwise indicated).

In Philosophy, the following is required:

  • one course in Philosophy at the 100 level
  • CAS PH 300 History of Ancient Philosophy
  • CAS PH 310 History of Modern Philosophy
  • any one of CAS PH 245, 246, 408, 446, 456
  • two additional 4-credit PH courses at the 200 level or above

In Religion, the following is required (All courses must be chosen in consultation with an advisor in the Department of Religion):

  • one 100-level course
  • one 200-level course
  • one 300-level course
  • one 400-level course
  • two additional 4-credit RN courses at the 300 level or above

One of the above courses in Philosophy or Religion must be a topics course at the 400 level.