Minor in Linguistics

The minor in Linguistics enables students to study the organization of human language as well as the social dimensions of language use. Students gain an understanding and appreciation of what all human languages share and how languages differ, how language is acquired, and how it changes over time. The minor includes four courses that provide a solid foundation in the core areas of linguistics, and students then tailor their program of study to meet their interests and academic and professional goals through the choice of two additional courses from a wide range of available electives.

The Linguistics minor consists of a total of six courses, chosen in consultation with an advisor, including four core Linguistics courses and two electives. Further information on individual courses can be found in the list of Linguistics course descriptions and on the Linguistics program website.

Four required core courses

  • CAS LX 250 Introduction to Linguistics (4 cr)
  • CAS LX 502 Semantics I (4 cr)
  • CAS LX 510 Phonetics (4 cr)
  • CAS LX 522 Syntax I (4 cr)

Two Linguistics electives

Students may include up to three transfer courses from other colleges, universities, or non-Boston University study abroad programs and must take a minimum of three courses on the Charles River Campus.