BA in Economics & Mathematics

Mathematics and statistics are key tools in many aspects of economics. The joint major in Mathematics & Economics aims to provide foundational skills in both subjects while focusing course selection on both subjects’ common goals. The major is appropriate for economics students with interest in the mathematical techniques and for mathematics students interested in applications in economics. The major provides credentials in both subjects, leaving room for elective credits for students with other interests.


The joint major requires 4 prerequisites plus 16 principal courses, as outlined below.


  • CAS MA 123 and 124 Calculus I & II (4 cr each), or 127, or 129, or equivalent
  • CAS EC 101 Introductory Microeconomic Analysis (4 cr) and EC 102 Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis (4 cr)

Principal Courses

A minimum of nine additional economics courses and a minimum of seven additional mathematics courses, all completed with a grade of C or higher and distributed as follows:


  • CAS EC 201 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (4 cr)
  • CAS EC 202 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis (4 cr)
  • CAS EC 303 Empirical Economic Analysis 1 (4 cr), or MA 214* Applied Statistics (4 cr; prereq: MA 213) or SMG SM 221 Probabilistic and Statistical Decision Making for Management (4 cr; prereq: SMG SM 131; SM 121 & 122 or 299 are acceptable as the prerequisite for SM 221 if taken prior to Fall 2014)
  • CAS EC 304 Empirical Economic Analysis 2 (4 cr)
  • CAS EC 501 Microeconomic Theory (4 cr)
  • CAS EC 502 Macroeconomic Theory (4 cr)
  • Electives: three other 4-credit courses selected from CAS EC 320 through EC 599

Mathematics (and Computer Science)

  • CAS CS 111 Introduction to Computer Science I (4 cr)
  • CAS MA 225 Multivariate Calculus (4 cr) or MA 230 Honors-Level Vector Calculus (4 cr)
  • CAS MA 242 Linear Algebra (4 cr) or MA 442 Honors-Level Linear Algebra (4 cr)
  • CAS MA 569 Optimization Methods of Operations Research (4 cr)
  • Electives: three other 4-credit courses, at least one numbered MA 400 or higher, selected from CAS MA 213, MA 214*, MA 226 or 231, MA 416, MA 511, MA 512, MA 581, MA 582, MA 583, MA 584, MA 585, CAS CS 112

*Note: CAS MA 214 may be used as a principal course in either economics or mathematics, but not both. Students who substitute CAS MA 214 for CAS EC 303 must take three additional electives in mathematics.

Students in this major should have advisors in both the Economics Department and the Mathematics & Statistics Department.