Minor in Environmental Science

The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) no longer admits students to the minor in Environmental Science. Students who are continuing in this minor should note the following requirements. Other students with interest in this field of study are encouraged to look into the new minor in Earth & Environmental Sciences and to visit the Department of Earth & Environment website.

The minor in Environmental Science provides students with a framework for understanding the role of environmental forces that shape human populations and society. Students gain knowledge of fundamental concepts in the physical, life, and interdisciplinary natural sciences that inform society about the environment in which we live. A minor in Environmental Science prepares students to pursue careers in environmental consulting and resource management.


The minor in Environmental Science consists of five courses as specified below. No course taken as part of a student’s major requirements may be used to fulfill the requirements of the minor in Environmental Science. Unless otherwise noted, all required courses are 4 credit hours, all completed with a grade of C or higher.

Principal Courses

Two courses selected from:

  • CAS BI 107
  • CAS ES 105
  • CAS GE 100
  • CAS CH 101
  • CAS PY 211

Minor Electives

Three courses selected from:

  • CAS BI 305
  • CAS BI 306
  • CAS BI/ES 443
  • CAS BI 448, ES 317
  • CAS ES 333
  • CAS ES 351
  • CAS ES 533
  • CAS ES 534
  • CAS ES 541
  • CAS GE/BI 307
  • CAS GE 310
  • CAS GE 503
  • CAS GE 504
  • CAS GE 514
  • CAS GE/BI 525