BA in Classics & Philosophy

In addition to giving students a basic grounding in the key texts and methods of philosophy, this major familiarizes them with the canonical works of ancient Greek philosophy and imparts an understanding of the importance of these texts in the development of philosophical thought in antiquity and later. Through study of ancient Greek, students learn to read standard works of classical prose in the original language and are trained to discuss clearly and persuasively key issues raised by ancient Greek philosophers. This major prepares students for entry into an MA program in classical Greek, for graduate work in philosophy, and—if combined with preparation in Latin—for graduate work leading to a PhD in classics. It also is an excellent foundation for further study in religion, theology, and other humanistic disciplines.


A major in Classics & Philosophy requires a minimum of twelve 4-credit courses: six in classics and six in philosophy.

Classics Requirements

  • CAS CL 101 or CL 321 (formerly CL 221)
  • CAS CL 261 (Note that CAS CL 161 and CL 162, or their equivalent, are prerequisites for enrollment in CL 261, which is the third semester of ancient Greek.)
  • four other courses at or above the 200 level in classical civilization or classical languages

Philosophy Requirements

  • one of the following: CAS PH 100, 110, 150, 155, or 160
  • CAS PH 300
  • CAS PH 310
  • two courses in philosophy at the 200 level or above
  • one of the following: CAS PH 403, 404, 405, 406, or 480

Students interested in a major in classics and philosophy must consult an advisor in both the Department of Classical Studies and the Department of Philosophy.