BA in Chemistry: Biochemistry

The major in Chemistry: Biochemistry is designed to meet the educational and research needs of students with an emphasis on the biochemical sciences and biological chemistry/chemical biology. As with the Chemistry major, an emphasis on research skill development builds on a core of courses covering the principal areas of chemistry as an intellectual foundation for biochemistry. Research in biochemistry is also strongly supported within this major. Chemistry: Biochemistry majors are exceptionally well prepared for graduate education and careers in chemical research, teaching, the biochemical industry, or regulatory agencies; as a premedical track the major provides excellent preparation for professional training in medicine and related health fields.

Completion of the Chemistry: Biochemistry major qualifies students for certification by the American Chemical Society.

All students should refer to the Departmental Regulations section of the Chemistry Department page for important stipulations. NOTE: Students may not switch tracks in general or organic chemistry after the initial course in the sequence.

All required courses are 4 credit hours. All required chemistry courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

Core Chemistry Courses

  • CAS CH 111, 112 (or CH 109, 110, or CH 101, 102, 201)
  • CAS CH 211, 212 (or CH 203, 214, or CH 203, 204, 220)
  • CAS CH 232
  • CAS CH 351, 352
  • CAS CH 421, 422
  • Two of three advanced laboratory courses: CAS CH 301, 303, and 354

Required Related Courses

  • CAS BI 108
  • CAS BI 213 (or 203)
  • CAS MA 123, 124 (127 or 129 fulfills 123, 124 requirement)
  • CAS MA 225 (or 230)
  • CAS PY 211, 212 (or 241, 242, or 251, 252)

Elective Requirement

One additional 400 or higher level CH course in biochemistry or biological chemistry, including research in biochemistry (401, 402, 491, 492).