BA/MA in Astrophysics & Space Physics

The BA/MA program in astrophysics & space physics is designed for those well-prepared students who wish to obtain a master’s degree by adding a fifth year of intensive study in astrophysics & space physics. The program is offered by the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) in conjunction with the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS).

Application to the Department of Astronomy director of graduate studies must be completed by March of the junior year. Only those students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 overall and 3.3 in mathematics, physics, and astronomy courses will normally be admitted.


The requirements of the BA/MA program consist of those for the BA in Astronomy & Physics plus those of the MA in Astronomy.

There are two tracks in the program, one comprising 38 courses plus a master’s thesis, and one comprising 40 courses without a thesis. Please refer to the BA/MA and BA/MS Programs section of this Bulletin for important information for prospective BA/MA students. Further details may be obtained at the Department of Astronomy or from the director of graduate studies.