BA in History of Art & Architecture

Students majoring in history of art & architecture choose between two tracks: a general track, and a track with primary focus on the history of architecture. The general track requires a two-semester survey course in Western art history (CAS AH 111/112), one-semester surveys in two of four non-Western areas (African, Ancient America, Asian, and Islamic), and upper-level courses (including at least one seminar) chosen from a variety of art historical periods and areas. Requirements for the architectural history track of this major are similar, but students take CAS AH 201 and AH 205 instead of AH 111/112 and focus their upper-level coursework on architectural history.

Whichever of the two tracks students choose, majors in history of art & architecture are encouraged to take courses in related areas such as archaeology, classics, philosophy, history, and literature. Opportunities exist for dual majors or major/minor combinations and are encouraged for those who wish to pursue an interdisciplinary liberal arts education. Each student works closely and regularly with his or her advisor in developing a coherent and meaningful program of study suited to his or her needs and interests. Upon graduation, art and architectural history majors may work in museums, galleries, architectural firms, municipal and state cultural programs, educational institutions, and the publishing industry. Many students go on to do graduate work in a variety of fields, and professional schools are increasingly interested in students with a background in the humanities.


Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all AH courses taken toward the major or minor. For information about concentrations, see the director of undergraduate studies.

London and Paris Internship Programs in the Arts

Students majoring or minoring in history of art & architecture as well as others interested in careers in art history should consider the London and Paris internship programs in art and architecture sponsored by Boston University. Courses in British and French arts prepare students for professional experience in architectural firms, galleries and museums, auction houses, preservation societies, and other cultural institutions. For further information, consult the general description of the London and Paris internship programs.

Boston University also offers students interested in devoting a full semester to the history of art & architecture the opportunity to study at Britain’s preeminent art history institute, the world-renowned Courtauld Institute of Art, a division of the University of London. Students accepted into this program reside at the Boston University complex in South Kensington and attend classes there and at the Courtauld Institute on the Strand in Central London. Students earn 16 semester-hour credits in art history but are considered full members of the Courtauld student body and receive all of the privileges of Courtauld students, including membership in the student union, library privileges at the University of London, and Courtauld email addresses and identification cards. For further information, see Professor Fred Kleiner in the History of Art & Architecture Department and

Student Organizations

The Undergraduate History of Art & Architecture Association is an organization for art history majors and other students interested in the study of art history. Activities include discussions, lectures, and museum trips. Members also assist at events designed for prospective majors.