BA in Architectural Studies

The major in architectural studies emphasizes skills and knowledge that are fundamental to thinking and writing about building and spaces, as well as to careers and graduate study in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning. In addition to CAS AH 201, AH 205, and upper-level electives in architectural history and related disciplines, students majoring in architectural studies take drawing (CFA AR 131 or 132) and a second CFA visual arts course, as well as courses in architectural technology and materials, including at least one semester of calculus (CAS MA 121 or 123) and at least one semester of physics (CAS PY 105 or 211). The architectural studies major takes advantage of Boston’s vibrant architectural scene and is especially appropriate for students considering graduate study leading to careers in the design professions.


Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all AH courses taken toward the major or minor. For information about majors and minors, see the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

London and Paris Internship Programs in the Arts

Students majoring or minoring in history of art & architecture as well as others interested in careers in art history should consider the London and Paris internship programs in art and architecture sponsored by Boston University. Courses in British and French arts prepare students for professional experience in architectural firms, galleries and museums, auction houses, preservation societies, and other cultural institutions. For further information, consult the general description of the London and Paris internship programs.

Boston University also offers students interested in devoting a full semester to the history of art & architecture the opportunity to study at Britain’s preeminent art history institute, the world-renowned Courtauld Institute of Art, a division of the University of London. Students accepted into this program reside at the Boston University complex in South Kensington and attend classes there and at the Courtauld Institute on the Strand in Central London. Students earn 16 semester-hour credits in art history and are considered full members of the Courtauld student body and receive all of the privileges of Courtauld students, including membership in the student union, library privileges at the University of London, and Courtauld email addresses and identification cards. For further information, see Professor Fred Kleiner in the History of Art & Architecture Department and

Student Organizations

The Undergraduate History of Art & Architecture Association is an organization for art history majors and other students interested in the study of art history. Activities include discussions, lectures, and museum trips. Members also assist at events designed for prospective majors.