BA in Anthropology & Religion

Six courses in religion and six courses in anthropology are required with a grade of C or higher, as specified below. Those 12 courses must include Anthropology of Religion (taken either as CAS AN 384 or CAS RN 387). Candidates for the BA with this joint major may not pursue a second major in religion (1510) or anthropology (2202). They are, however, encouraged to take courses beyond the required 12 in either or both disciplines. To ensure the most suitable course of study for the prospective student’s areas of interest, courses should be selected in consultation with Professor Frank Korom, the program advisor. For further information about the joint program, contact the program advisor or either department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies.


CAS RN 103 Religions of the World: Eastern or CAS RN 104 Religions of the World: Western; one course at the 200 level (CAS RN 209–219); CAS RN 200 Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Religion; and three additional courses from an annually approved list.


CAS AN 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; CAS AN 252 Ethnicity and Identity; CAS AN 384/RN 387 Anthropology of Religion; CAS AN 461 Ethnography and Anthropological Theory I; and two social anthropology courses at the 300 level or above from an annually approved list.