Transfer Credit

College of Arts & Sciences Policy

Credits and coursework of incoming transfer students are evaluated by the Admissions Office. Prior to matriculation, the Admissions Office answers questions about transfer credit evaluation.

It is the policy of the College of Arts & Sciences that credits received seven or more years before a student’s expected date of graduation are not transferable.

Ordinarily, credit for courses taken at another accredited college or university will be allowed at the rate of eight CAS semester courses (32 credits) for each full year’s (30 to 32 credit hours) transferable courses taken at another university. Only courses equivalent to those offered by the undergraduate schools and colleges of Boston University will be accepted for transfer. Courses taken at other institutions must carry at least 2.5 Boston University credits in order to be equated to Boston University courses. No correspondence or distance learning courses will be accepted. The maximum number of courses allowed in transfer is 20; a total of 32 courses are required for graduation.

Approval of transfer credit toward major (or minor) requirements for courses taken at another accredited college or university must be obtained from the department of the major (or minor) after initial approval by the Admissions Office. Transfer students should make every effort to attend the special transfer registration program held during the summer (or in January for January matriculants). Registration information will be sent to all incoming students.

Except under cooperative arrangement, no matriculated student may carry courses concurrently in another institution. Grades from courses taken at external colleges and universities (except coursework undertaken as part of the College’s consortium agreement) will not be included in the student’s grade point average (GPA) or appear on the student’s Boston University transcript.

See also Summer Study at Other Universities.