Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies

The women’s, gender & sexuality studies program promotes interdisciplinary inquiry across the University, provides a site for collaborative research, and develops new pedagogical approaches to advance the field. Our work fosters understanding of the forces that shape our experiences as gendered and sexed human beings. We examine the social, political, and economic positions of women and men in diverse cultures and historical moments worldwide. We seek to understand the ways in which our bodies, social and cultural experiences, and imaginative constructions affect what it means to be women and men. Feminist theory, gender analysis, and queer theory help us understand how assumptions and beliefs about femininities, masculinities, and sexualities shape human institutions, including the science and scholarship that inform our understanding.

The program offers a variety of courses and an undergraduate minor, and sponsors public lectures, film screenings, and discussions. Boston University faculty interested in women’s, gender, & sexuality studies participate in a lively intellectual community as part of the Faculty Network on Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. Interested graduate students from across Boston University take courses not only at BU but also through the Boston-area Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies (GCWS), to which we belong.

For additional information, please call 617-358-2370, or send an email to wgs@bu.edu. Website: www.bu.edu/wgs.