Boston University Marine Program (BUMP)

The Boston University Marine Program (BUMP) offers a specialized curriculum including a major and minor in marine science. Undergraduates at Boston University who choose to concentrate in marine science are required to participate in the Marine Semester (MS). The MS is also open to visiting students enrolled at other institutions. Undergraduates seeking admission to the MS must have junior standing and must have successfully completed one of the following marine breadth courses: CAS BI 260, BI/ES 423, ES 331, ES 440, ES 541, or ES/GE 507 (or, for visiting students, an equivalent course at the home institution).

In the MS, students choose a sequence of four intensive, research-oriented, month-long courses from a slate of 11–12 diverse course offerings (which vary somewhat from year to year). The courses are taught at an advanced undergraduate level in terms of independence, initiative, critical thinking, and understanding of the scientific process. Students write experimental design plans and research proposals, make research posters, give oral presentations, and submit final papers. Courses are taught by leading marine researchers from BU’s faculty and from our academic partners, which include the New England Aquarium and the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Whether a student’s interests lie in ecological processes, biodiversity and evolution, ichthyology, symbiosis, genetics, marine mammalogy, animal physiology and behavior, oceanography, environmental studies, coastal processes, cellular and molecular mechanisms, or microbial processes, the MS has something to offer.

For more information on BUMP opportunities, please contact the program manager at Boston University Marine Program, 5 Cummington Mall, Room 106B; 617-358-4961; email: