Department of Biology

The department provides its students with a breadth of training in modern biology and an opportunity to explore a variety of specialized areas in greater depth. The required courses for the major establish a core of fundamental knowledge in biological and related sciences. Students then build on this foundation through a variety of lecture, laboratory, field, and seminar courses that explore specific areas within biology. A range of specializations allows students to delve deeper into specific disciplines, such as behavioral biology; ecology and conservation biology; neurobiology; and cell biology, molecular biology & genetics.

Supported by modern research facilities, our award-winning faculty is engaged in research spanning all levels of biological organization from the molecular to the organismal to the ecology of populations and entire ecosystems. The development of laboratory and field skills is encouraged through coursework and participation in the department’s extensive research activities, which often involve collaborative, interdisciplinary projects.

Special features include aquatic facilities for experimental work on fresh and saltwater organisms, state-of-the-art animal care facilities, and environmental chambers. Specialized equipment is available for electron, fluorescence, and confocal microscopy; tissue culture; automated DNA sequencing; and a variety of behavioral, biochemical, physiological, molecular, and genetic applications.

The BA in Biology prepares students for both private and public sector employment as well as for graduate training in research, medicine, other health professions, education, government, and industry.

Recommended BU Study Abroad and Internship Programs for Biology:

  • Dresden Science Program, Germany
  • Grenoble Science Program, France
  • Madrid Science Program, Spain
  • Tropical Ecology Program, Ecuador

Intercollege Cross-Registration

After consultation with their advisors and with written departmental approval, students may cross-register for undergraduate courses at Boston College, Brandeis University, Hebrew College, and Tufts University. More information can be found at the Office of the University Registrar’s website.